Monday, July 22, 2013

Fast, Fresh, Juicy Fried Chicken...thanks Kroger :)

As a busy mom, meal time can sometimes be a challenge. Especially when those hectic crazy days rear their ugly head throwing us all a bit off our axis. On those days I am all too glad to grab a quick bite to eat, but always feel a bit guilty when I realize my kids aren't really getting a very healthy meal. 
Now I have found a way thanks to BzzAgent that I can make meal time simple by serving a classic family favorite! Fried Chicken!

I know what your thinking, fried chicken takes a lot of prepping, it's messy, it can splatter when you cook it, it dirties dishes, how can this be easy?
I am pleased to say that the Kroger Deli now serves fresh cooked, ready-to-eat, fried chicken.

As skeptical as I was about it at first, my mouth watered after taking the first bite. The chicken is so juicy and moist, while still crispy on the outside. It was perfectly cooked and a big crowd pleaser. 
It makes meal time simple and tasty without having to spend a fortune. I also had the chance to try the kettle cooked BBQ chips

 and a beverage that often goes perfectly with this meal...Coca Cola!

 It makes a perfect lunch, dinner, or easy alternative to planning a family picnic!
We had never tried anything from the Kroger deli aside from lunch meat on occasion but we were very pleased and will definitely not be overlooking the Kroger deli in the future.
How can you argue with a fantastic meal at a low price?

Disclosure: I received a complimentary coupon to try the above mentioned products as a BzzAgent. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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