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Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers review

My youngest son, Levi, is 14 months old. He can crawl everywhere with ease, and has even begun walking confidently. While I am one proud momma, these milestones make for a wiggly squirmy baby who is almost impossible to change.
There is no more easy baby who lays down easily, cooing at me while I change him. Now I have a kicking, squirming, wiggle-about who rolls over when we try to lay him down.
So you can just imagine my delight at the opportunity to review Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers.

I had seen a few commercials advertising them, and I was thinking how great it would be if they actually indeed worked. After all saving any time in a day for us parent's is essential.
Huggies has always been a trusted brand in our household so I had little reservations about trying these diapers, I couldn't wait to give them a try.

Huggies slip-on diapers go on so easily! I simply have to catch my little wiggly worm, pull off his soiled diaper, do a quick wipe, and slip his legs through Huggies Slip-Ons and pull them up. They are basically JUST like pull-ups except these are specifically designed for your little one.

front of the diaper
back of the diaper

I will admit I was scared when I first went about putting the diaper on Levi because I kept thinking: “The tabs are not going to stretch and they are just going to come apart on me”, but that DID NOT happen much to my relief. The sides were actually very stretchy and durable, and they didn’t tear apart while I was pulling the diaper up. Even when he wiggled in my arms while I was trying to slip the diaper on, the sides held up easily. And since they fasten on the sides he can’t take the diaper off himself! Something he tends to like to do with the regular diapers.
I found these diapers a great addition when I was running errands too, and since we usually run errands one day a week it can sometimes make for a long day. Huggies Slip-On diapers made changing time on the go so much easier.
These diapers are pre-fastened so they literally are ready to just slide right on. Although if by chance you need to adjust these diapers, you can self adjust them easily for your babies comfort.
I was a bit concerned about how snug these diapers seemed to fit Levi. I got size 4 which is his diaper/weight size. They seemed to ride a bit low and it was a snug fit around the bottom. He didn't seem like this bothered him in the least, and while I was worried this would cause leakage or a blowout (baby doo exploding from the sides of the diaper), that didn't happen.
These diapers proved to be really durable and there was no leakage at all! They And I’m talking no leakage with neither #1 nor #2! This was a huge bonus because all us parent's know what a “blowout” can be like and it isn’t exactly pleasant. LOL

Here's some perks these diapers are featured with:
  • Stretchy sides for a fuss-free fit   
  • Tabs for easy removal and disposal  
  • HUGGIES LEAK LOCK® System – the protection and security you both need between changes  
  • Absorb-away layers and long-lasting core lock in wetness and keep your baby dry  
  • Stopping guards around the legs and waist help keep wetness in

The diapers are textured like any other disposable diaper, but they are very soft and Levi didn't try to tear them off himself which I thought was a good sign so they must be comfortable to him.
And just something I thought was a nice little touch is the character featured on these diapers is none other than Tigger who is one of the bounciest wiggliest characters ever. Fits these diapers very well I think. ;)

I would definitely recommend these diapers if you have a wiggly one running about. It saves a lot of changing time, and your baby won’t get as fussy and squirmy during changing time. They are available in sizes 3 (16-28lbs), 4 (22-37lbs), and 5 (37+lbs) in both jumbo and big packs.

What kind of squirmy baby do you have?
Visit to find out, and they have downloadable coupons as well. :)

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Disclosure: As a BzzAgent I have been provided with a complimentary product mentioned above for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own.


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    1. Glad you saved using the Huggies Coupons. There's another great coupon site with hundreds of name brand products if your interested. I just found it so I'm just getting acquainted, but it seems promising.
      Thanks for your comment. :)

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