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Perrigo Nutritionals Infant Formula Prize Pack Giveaway!

As you all know I am a breast-feeding mama. I breastfed my oldest until he was around 17 months old. (He had a lot of difficulty weaning), and I am getting ready to wean my youngest son who turns one year old next week. I love the bond from breastfeeding, and I love knowing that I can supply my children with all they need. But when we are out and about I have difficulty breastfeeding. Our errand days are always hectic, and because we are involved in a lot of activities outside of the home it isn’t always easy to breastfeed. Especially when a trip to Walmart can sometimes take us 2 hours! So we buy formula to supplement. The problem with this is my youngest has a BIG appetite! He always has. He was over 10lbs when he was born. He is always hungry, and so far he hasn’t taken to well to whole milk. The only thing we can get him to drink right now is breast milk and formula. He of course eats some regular food, but when it boils down to it he just wants his milk! LOL. Sometimes it’s hard for me to pump breast-milk. I have always had trouble with this and it just tears me up. I can’t hardly do it.
Both of my sons have sensitive stomachs, with my first son we would spend a fortune on formula. I would supplement him while I had to be away at class and such. (at the time I was taking college classes still).
I have always been reluctant to buy store brand formula. As mothers we all want the best for our children no matter what the cost. When I first looked in the formula isle I felt so overwhelmed that I just mainly paid attention to the name brands.. I didn’t even want to look at the others, this was my baby and he deserved the best. What if the store brands weren’t as good as the name brands? But what we often don’t realize is ALL infant formulas made in the U.S. must provide complete nutrition for growing babies and meet FDA requirements for safety, nutrition, and quality. The store brands are nutritionally equal to national formula brands and yet cost HALF the price. Studies show that this can roughly save you around $600 a year!
I use other store brand items such as baby soaps, sometimes baby diapers, I always use store brand wipes, not to even mention the tons of other store brands we use regularly such as foods, products, etc., so why not do a bit more research on the store brand formula? I was pleased with what I found out.
Outlined below are intriguing statistics generated from a recent study* conducted among new moms like yourself:

*Baby-related advertisements strike an emotional chord with moms – nearly one in four feel overwhelmed (23%) and one in five feel anxious (20%) or confused (20%)
*53% of moms admit thoughts of their baby product budget plague them on a daily basis
*37% of moms feel guilty if they cannot afford a specific product for their babies
*Moms are willing to purchase store brand over the counter medicine for their baby (42%) and store brand pharmaceuticals (44%), but only 21% of moms are willing to buy store brand infant formula.

Perrigo Nutritionals store brand infant formulas, available at retailers, such as Walmart (Parent’s Choice), Target (Up & Up), Kroger (Comforts) and Sam’s Club (Simply Right), adhere to the highest quality standards, so you can feel confident that you have made a smart choice for your baby and save money for the family.
*All results are taken from the Perrigo Nutritionals “Brand” New Mom Study

Needless to say my little Levi took very well to the store brands, and as he is a picky eater at times this came as a relief. With two small boys I am always eager to save money here and there. lol

Here’s a little video from one of the country’s leading pediatricians, Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg:  

To get more info visit:

One lucky reader has the chance to win a Perrigo Nutritionals Infant Formula Prize Pack which includes:

*Perrigo Nutritionals Store Brand Formula
*8oz. Baby Bottle
*Fleece Baby Blanket
*Baby Bib

Disclosure: Prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by Perrigo Nutritionals through MyBlogSpark. All opinions expressed however on my personal thoughts and experiences are solely my own.

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  2. I learned that 37% of the moms feel guiltu if they can not afford a specific product to their babies.

  3. Wow, im not sure i can win. i know i don't have any babies yet but this coworker just had a baby and I know he can use all the help he can get! my email is

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  5. Great info! It's so good to know that the store brand is equally as good as the big name brand formulas but half the price! My new grandson is breastfed but it's nice to have formula handy when I babysit him. That worked well for my own children too. Thanks so much for hosting!

  6. I found out that the store brand is of the same quality as high priced formulas. So you can save money without feeling guilty.

  7. The only real difference between store brand and name brand is price.

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  9. It is great to know you can have the same nutritional benefits using store brand formula. with all their needs, babies are expensive! Thanks for the giveaway!

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