Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Back

I know I have been basically MIA lately. Not that I didn't want to write, on the contrary. Me and hubby have just been super swamped getting things in order. So let me just update you on things one step at a time.

Today for the first time we attended a playgroup at the library. This playgroup was mainly directed at Levi's age (ages 0-2), but Lucas had some fun as well. The group is called Boogie Woogie Babies, and thanks to Leslie for inviting us along with her and her daughter Addie. They really enjoyed it, and I did as well. I'm eager to make it a weekly thing. We sang songs, nursery rhymes, began our memory books, read stories, and the babies got to play so it was definetely exciting. It's only an hour long which was JUST enough time because Levi started getting grumpy and ready for lunch and a nap.
They have another playgroup later in the week for preschool ages which I'm going to take Lucas too. They do basically the same things but target the preschool ages and work on letters, sounds, words, etc. You should check at your local library and see if they offer the same things. It's free and the kids not only have lots of fun but they get to interact with other children, and moms can interact with other parents. It's a plus for all.
After the playgroup Lucas chose some books to check out and after saying goodbye to Leslie and Addie we headed home.

The past month in general has been a whirlwind for our family. They decided to tear my dad's house down and so he bunked with us for a couple of weeks until his new place was ready. It's been busy, but he moves into his new place today. Much to the kids dismay because they love their Poppa (that's what they call my dad instead of grandpa) and they will miss him.
Me and Josh decided to take some money out of our savings (which we NEVER do) and combine it with tax money to get some much needed things. We each got a Ford Taurus which I am as tickled as can be over. We found amazing deals on our vehicles, and I was extremely pleased. Mine for sure was way under priced. The thing with it is it has a couple of dings and scratches. Nothing that's a major ordeal, and won't cost much to fix. It was basically covered in a layer of grime both inside and out, and you couldn't really see the true beauty of the car. Basically the first owners bought it from the dealer, and just NEVER cleaned it out in like five years. It was terribly disgusting inside the car. Not the worst I've seen, but far from the best. I seen the true beauty of it though, and it runs so smoothly I just couldn't pass it up. Me and Josh set to tackling it and now it is just amazing! I love it, and I feel like it's truly my car now. We did a flip this car I guess. A diamond in the rough for sure.

We finally threw out our 8 year old Queen mattress and got a King size memory foam mattress. Since it was tax time we got a great deal on it. Our Queen matress was just so worn it was embarrassing. It was worn from years of use and we were starting to feel the springs in the mattress. I was skepitcal about getting a King size because it's just me and Josh and a Queen is usually plenty of space. But when one of the boys would have a nightmare or were sick and needed mommy and daddy they would want to sleep with us and it would get incredibly cramped. There are more of those days to come I'm sure so with a King size nobody will be cramped. Plus I will admit I tend to be a bit of a bed hog, and now maybe I won't crowd out Josh to much. haha.

Hubby bought me the best Valentine's gift I could've hoped for. A Kindle Fire! I have had it for a few weeks now, and I am just in love with it. It's amazing! At first I was just completely set against an eReader as I didn't want to betray my good old fashioned books. But there are so many great eBooks out there that aren't yet in print, and the Kindle is easy to pack. Especially if you have to travel you don't need to worry about bringing a gaggle of books, just one thing. I have heard some gripes from various people concerning the battery life of the kindle, but it doesn't affect me really. It gives me enough battery life throughout the day that I need, and I just charge it at night. It has some amazing features other than books, and I am usually never without it now. :) I am going to write a personal review on it sometime this week so if you've been thinking about buying an eReader or if you just want some unbiased info on one you should definetely check it out.

We have been contemplating whether to move or stay when our lease is up, and after much thought and discussions I think we will move to another complex. We have had some crime in our complex, and unfortunately it tends to just get worse. It isn't as bad as some, but I'm not getting the secure sense as I've had before. We are under new ownership, and they don't seem as concerned with it as some of the tenants are. We live in an apartment at the moment. We aren't quite ready to spring for a house just yet, and want to finish growing our family before we dedicate ourselves to something permanent. Plus we aren't 100% exactly what we are looking for in a home. We DO know that when we do buy a house we don't really want to stay in the town we are in. Personally I would favor another state entirely, but it's something we still need to consider. Still for now an apartment fits us well, and we don't mind it. There are perks in an apartment complex such as playgrounds, pools, maintenence, etc., so I definetely don't mind that! haha. Anyway we will be staying until our lease is up, but that's it.

Anyway things have quite calmed down now for the time being. Will they stay this way? Probably not, but we can only take things as they come. I hope you all stay tuned I have some more reviews and giveaways that are upcoming. Thank you for taking the time to visit me here today, hope to see you again soon! :)


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