Thursday, January 12, 2012

Technology and Distractions

Technology has come so far in today's world. I love that it has come a far way, and in particular I am grateful for cell phones. Particularly as a mom it has made things a breeze. No more waiting around the house when you are expecting a very important call. You don't have to delay your errands, or reschedule any appointments. Just carry your phone along with you. Now I don't talk while driving, or text while driving. No matter how important the call, or how tempting it may be it is not more important than the lives of your children, yourself, or any ride along passengers. Pull over to take the call, or wait until you are parked. But as a mom that always seems to be on the go, it is a great insurance to me to have a phone. My husband works an hour away from where we live and many of times a cell phone has saved us in some rough spots. We have been able to get a hold of each other when one of our cars has broken down, I can call the pediatrician anytime I have a concern no matter where I am, it's easy to stay in contact with family and friends, etc. I mean look at the image below and see how far cell phones have come along over the years:


But one thing I can't stand about cell phones as much as I am grateful for their inventions is this: It is so easy to get absorbed in them! I have noticed over the years at family gatherings, friend get togethers, etc,. how often people will look at their phones! They will sit and text or surf the net when it's suppose to be a get together. As I think back over the years and remember when none of us had cell phones and we just had to sit and converse with each other. No cell phones to text or surf the web. Just face to face conversations. Instead of focusing on the people who are sitting right there with us it can be so easy to focus on the texts and such. But we just have to remind ourselves that in person time is important. Make eye contact, have conversation, and have fun. When we get together with a group whether it be friends, family, etc,. I often wonder how much more we can find to talk about or do if we shut off our cell phones, or place them in a basket out of hands reach. Would it make a difference on how we interact with each other face to face?

I have no qualms about most technology. I am impressed with how far we have come along. Even where eReaders are concerned I was particularly skeptical and bias about them. I told myself I would NEVER own one. I love the good old book in my hands any day. While that is still true I do now see the advantage of an eReader. On vacation you have less to pack, it opens up more room in your suitcase, etc. I still love good old fashioned books over anything, I will never give them up. But there are times when an eReader comes in handy. Sometimes it's just a good idea to unplug from technology and enjoy what is with us right then and there, and enjoy life while we have it. Because if you haven't noticed yet, one day it will just hit you, time just flies right on by!

So enjoy today because tomorrow it will be gone.




  1. I would also never trade in my old books for one of those e-readers. Reading for me is a total experience, as I even find myself smelling the pages at times- really!

    Texting while with someone has always been an issue with me. It is disrespectful to the person you're with.

    congrats on being a featured vB member :)

    1. Pepper you have made my day! I smell the pages of books at times as well. My husband thinks I am absolutely nuts, but if I could bottle that smell I would! haha
      There is just something magically ethereal about books.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and the congrats. :)

  2. Love this post! I really hate when I see moms and dads out in public with their kids, and they are eating or something and both parents have phones in their hands while their kids are yelling "mommy daddy look!" or something along those lines. Pay attention to your kids :)

    1. I agree, your kids will only request your attention for so long in life, and before we know it we'll be begging for theirs. I think it's important to just unplug sometimes and enjoy things while they are here and now.

  3. I would love technology more if I could just half-way keep up with it. By the time I get around to buying the latest "toy", it's become old-news and something else has come along to better it. Neither my mind, nor my pocketbook, can keep up the pace!

  4. I totally agree with the technology explosion - a mixed blessing for sure. I read an article last week about the Phone Stack - a tactic you can use while going out to dinner where everyone stacks their phones on the table, out in the open for everyone to see. Like a game of chicken to see who can go the longest without taking a peek.

    Congrats on being a vB Featured Member!


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