Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A sleepless night...

you know the kind.
When you are ready for the kids to go to sleep so you can get some "me" time to yourself? But then nothing ever works out as you'd hoped, and everything begins to go wrong.
My night was going in a good pattern, and I was anticipating getting some reading done once the house was quiet and settled. Everything was done and put away, and our bellies were full from a good dinner.
The boys were bathed and squeaky clean, and I read them a story out of their big bedtime storybook, we said our prayers, and I got them settled into bed. Levi kept standing up in his bed and trying to get out so I figured once I left the room and turned the lights off he would settle. So that's what I did, and then stood around the corner peeking in to make sure all was going to be well and Levi settled in. After letting out a big sigh of relief I go to my bed where Josh is slumbering peacefully, and get under the covers with my book.
Snapping my book light on and opening my book I am more than prepared to get some reading in, but I am JUST SO EXHAUSTED my eyes don't want to stay open! I waited all day for this though! Oh well, I put the book down and went to sleep myself. It was 9:00pm.
But then in the midst of my slumber I hear: "MOMMY! MOMMY!" so I get up and go to the boys room to see what all the ruckus is about. Levi is standing up in his bed trying to climb out, and Lucas wants him to settle down so he can go to sleep. Lucas informs me:
"Bubby has been trying to climb out of his bed all night, I can't sleep"
So I try to get Levi settled in again, but every time I lay him down and say night night time he stands right back up and bounces in his bed. Oh no...
So I realize there's no way this child is going to sleep. I pick him up out of bed and try singing and walking with him. Sometimes this will have a positive effect even though my singing voice leaves some to be desired. He seems tired, and lays his head on my shoulder.

Lucas is almost fast asleep, and as I look at Levi his eyes are closed and his breathing even.
I place him back in bed where he stays sound asleep, and head back to my own room after giving them each a kiss on the head. My sweet baby angels. It's 1:00am.
After falling back asleep I hear some whining from Levi. He does this often and generally goes right back to sleep so I lay in bed just listening and the sound stops. I close my eyes. Then sounds the high pitched crying. It's 2:00am.
I get back out of bed and go in there where Levi is sitting up in his bed crying. I speak soothingly (and groggily) and check him out. Diaper is dry, I offer him some water, he takes a sip and lays back down to snuggle in. Finally sleep time...
Then at I hear Levi whining some more and go back in there. It's 3:00am. He is standing in his bed again trying to get out of it. Lucas is up and awake by this time, the crying breaking through his slumber as well.
Lucas: "Is it a great day?" (something he always says when it's morning and the sun is shining)
Me: "No my love, it is a great night. Let's go back to sleep."
Lucas: "I can't sleep, bubby keeps waking me up. He doesn't like his bed."
Me: "Well, he has slept in it every other time so he needs to sleep in it tonight."
Lucas: "Alright but I don't think he will"
I look over at Levi who is now wide awake and bouncing happily in his bed. I look at Lucas who is staring at some of his toys like he wants to get up and play. It's time for bed! I have been doing this every hour! They need to sleep.
I go warm up some milk for Levi and hope this will do the trick, when I offer it to him he refuses it and throws it over the side of his bed.
And then I hear the thunder and I see lightning light up the windows. Lucas is out of bed in a flash over to my side, and Levi starts to pout. Just what we need is a thunderstorm tonight!
Finally it's decided.
"Who wants to sleep in mommy's bed?" I ask, I was desperate!
"I do!" shouts Lucas gripping my pajama's in his little fists.
I scoop up Levi and we all go into mommy and daddy's room. I put them in the middle, and lay down to sleep. Luckily we have a king size bed.
It takes a whole other story for Lucas, some more walking around with Levi and singing, and finally they are out of it and fast asleep. It's now 4:30am. Only problem is hubby gets up at 5:00AM to leave for work which always wakes me up. Grrr....
So eventually after hubby has ate a quick bowl of cereal, gets dressed, grabs his lunch bag, and heads out the door I'm ready for sleep. It's now 5:45am.
The kids are still slumbering peacefully so I snuggle in for my much needed rest.
It feels like I have only closed my eyes for a matter of minutes even though the clock is telling me that it's 8:00am. (it's lying obviously)
"Mommy, it's a great day. The sun is out behind the window see..." says Lucas shaking my shoulder.
Then Levi begins to stir so I know it's time for everyone to get up.
"I want eggs and pancakes for breakfast! Can we have sprinkles on our eggs? I don't want milk poured in my eggs, let's eat candy instead" says Lucas.
Levi is awake and all smiles which I almost can't believe since he didn't get much sleep either.
And thus began our day...

But what I don't understand is the fact that we all pretty much got the same amount of sleep, and yet the kids are fully energized and I am dragging like a slug.
And when hubby called while he was on his lunch break I explained the events of the night to him which he didn't hear a bit, or pretended not to anyway, his response was:
"But if you start putting them in our bed all the time, they will will expect it and will quit sleeping in their own rooms"
To which I responded
"Okay, well next time I will be the one who stays asleep, and we'll see how YOU handle it"


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