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Miss Brenda & The Loveladies Book Review

  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: WaterBrook Press (February 18, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0307732177
  • ISBN-13: 978-0307732170

About the book
This is a memoir written by Brenda Lovelady Spahn. A successful businesswoman who has everything she could ever want and then some she was quite surprised when faced with the threat of possibly spending prison time. Terrified and losing everything quickly she makes a plea to God to help her out of this situation. In her plea she promises God that she will do something to help others in a Christian manner if only He will spare her.
She is quite thrown for a loop when she finds herself creating a system that will help released women inmates get back on the track with life after prison. Not quite prepared for what she is about to face she finds herself quickly wondering what she got herself in to. Many of her friends and even family members strongly disagree with her choice of helping others, but Brenda stubbornly sticks with her decision knowing God has is right by her side in the matter.
She finds herself learning along with the ladies she is helping, and together they all come to deeper understanding of God and His Love. Instead of creating another of many half-way houses Brenda creates a whole way house, and with it builds it to something more than anyone could have imagined.

My Thoughts
I was first drawn to this book because it is a memoir, and I do enjoy learning about others. The fact that it also deals with helping others, and gives an insight into something very few of us know anything about (women's prisons) was an added perk.
While never being faced with any threat of prison time or anything of the sort I admit I learned quite a bit from this book. Like Brenda was at first I guess I always feel like inmates have the choices to make when they get out and should make the right ones. I've always felt like it is almost their own fault if they don't. But I didn't know half of the things that they have to face once being out of prison. If you ask me prisons have a poor set up sending the inmates back to where they came from or only giving them a few weeks in a half-way house which is not enough time to even begin to get their stuff back together. It's not even barely enough time to get a job and a first paycheck! It's just another example of how we should not judge others because unless we have walked in their shoes we know nothing about their struggles.
I was honestly blown away at Brenda, she is such a witty, strong, and honest person. I loved that about her immediately that she isn't like so many other people who just keep to themselves. I know she didn't expect to have much of a hand in her Lovelady House, but she kept her promise to God and fully immersed herself into it. I love that she didn't get swept away by anyone else's negative comments and stood strong with her ladies. Because of her strength and wonderful personality she gave these women trust, hope, and perseverance. I was extremely blown away and it warmed my heart to read this book.
I would definitely recommend this book to really all readers out there, especially Christian readers. It is just another example of God's love, and what we can accomplish with Him by our side. 
Brenda took a rather small organization that serviced only about 30-40 women at a time and built it to something that now services hundreds of women and children alike. 
Brenda applied all of her business intelligence into creating something that surpassed even her own wildest dreams.
This is truly an inspiring story and one I promise you won't soon forget. It's also a quick lesson in remembering never to judge others. You can feel God's hand in this story, and you can feel His love just coming off the pages. A wonderful book indeed!

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Disclaimer: I received  a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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