Friday, July 25, 2014

Willie Out West

Willie Out West is about a young walrus who just isn't satisfied with his seemingly boring life. Believing he never gets to do anything fun he sulks until an unexpected visitor arrives seeking his help. Eager to get out of the day to day life he leads Willie sets out into the west for some adventure. Facing fears, meeting new friends, and finding himself in an unexpected situation Willie realizes that maybe his day to day life isn't so bad.

I thought this was a cute story for children. It teaches a good lesson of being happy with what you have, and also the grass isn't always greener on the other side. It's great to have a fun story to show kids that just because you think your life is a little boring from time to time adventure isn't always that fun, and you should be grateful and thankful for the life you have.
My kids liked the story. They were more drawn in with the illustrations rather than the story itself but they are also 6 and 3 so maybe that was somewhat of a factor in that. It was still a fun read, and they did take a little lesson from it which is good. Most importantly they did have fun reading it.

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