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What to Pack In Your Diaper Bag When Traveling

Road travel

Spring and Summer is right around the corner, and with that comes...vacation time! Woohoo! So much time and planning goes into vacations, but when we get to the diaper bag we often find ourselves at a roadblock of what to pack. I know I do.
I'm hoping this post will help some of you parents out there pack a great diaper bag for travel!

Of course your list may vary depending on age of your children, your needs, individual baby needs, etc., but these are the things I never leave without. There are some items that stay in my diaper bag everywhere I go, and then you will see the things that come especially useful while traveling. Because let's face it while we are on a plane or in a car we can't have a big suitcase sitting right there packed to the rim with all of our needs (even if your like me and you would like to). The most we have room for is our diaper bag. So let's dive into it shall we?

  • Diapers or Pull-ups (amount varies on length of travel time so use your own judgement here)
  • A pack of Wipes (using a pack over a box will save space and you won't have to worry about the box somehow getting smashed)
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Two spare sippy cups or bottles. (I would say just one would be fine, but there have been plenty of instances where I have been glad to have a back-up to the back-up. Babies and toddlers like to throw stuff.)
  • A bit of coconut oil if your breastfeeding. (This is in case of dry or cracked nipples and a lactation consultant told me about this after I delivered. It is completely safe for the baby and you, has natural antibacterial and healing properties, and works wonders. I was very skeptical until I tried it. I just put some in a travel size bottle the same size you would use for shampoo. These can usually be found in a 3 pack at any dollar store, department store, or major retailer for under a few dollars.)

  • A spare outfit
  • A changing pad if your child will still fit on one.
  • An extra pair of socks
  • A small blanket (one that won't take up too much room in your bag)
  • Some baby books! We love board books and never leave without at least 2. The interactive ones that are touch and feel, lift the flap, etc are often the most entertaining.
  • A couple of little toys. For us this is a play Elmo phone, and a musical set of pretend keys).
  • A favorite stuffed animal. (Traveling can be overwhelming for your little one and they like the comfort of holding onto a favorite stuffed toy).
  • Small first aid kit (mine just has Neosporin, character bandaids, like 2 alcohol wipes, and some guaze). This is mainly for toddlers, older kids, or even yourself.
  • Disposable little trash bags for soiled diapers. They usually even carry these in little clip on tubes that just clip on the diaper bag.
  • A gallon of bigger size Ziploc bag. This takes up almost no space at all, fits in the bottom of the bag, and is great for soiled clothes or bibs.
  • Bibs if your baby is still wearing them. (Disposable ones are our favorite for travel. Simply soil and toss)
  • Disposable place mats. (These are fantastic for stopping at a restuarant).
  • Burp cloths
  • Travel infant/toddler spoons and forks if baby is eating table food. (Don't use these in the car obviously and use them supervised of course, but if you stop at a restaurant You will need these. I take at least 5 of each because my daughter is in the throwing at stage right now. That's usually enough for at least 2-3 stops.)
  • Infant fever reducer like infant Tylenol or infant ibuprofen.
  • Thermometer
  • A book for you to enjoy during any nap time for baby.
  • Your cell phone charger. I keep mine in a side zipper pocket.
  • Snacks (cheerios, goldfish, Puffs, Yogurt Melts, Applesauce or other little squeeze pouches, stuff like that)
  • A bottle of water
  • Nail clippers
  • Your wallet
  • Your keys

I usually throw in a couple extra things as well for my older kiddos too. Like an extra baggie of snacks for them too, a book for them and a travel activity pack for them, etc).

Traveling with kids on an airplane

Now for airplane travel some of these items may not be allowed. It's important to check with your preferred airline on their rules. Here is an interesting article about carry on bags though that may be helpful if you choose to go the flying route.

There may be some of you out there that are already panicking because maybe you have never had to pack a diaper bag before or packing for a trip just intimidates you. Don't be alarmed, we have all been there! Here is a handy how-to.

Now let's talk about types of diaper bags. We currently use a backpack styled diaper bag for travel because my husband carries it a lot and he prefers the backpack style.
Travel diaper bag

 I do have to say it is a lot more easier to manage in some cases. It also frees up the extra space under our stroller for anything we purchase like souvenirs, items from shopping, etc.

Any style can work, it just depends on what you pack, who will be doing most of the carrying of your diaper bag, your preferences, etc. Like I said everyone's needs and likes differ. Just don't go too crazy. Make sure your zippers aren't bursting or anything. It's important to pick a diaper bag with a lot of compartments and space. But not something so big you are going to struggle carrying it. Make sure you find your match. I have been guilty of those things myself time and again. :)

Once you find your right fit for a travel diaper bag make sure you have a handy checklist of items you want to pack. Make your list and check it twice! That way you have less to worry about, and will feel more certain you packed everything you wanted to pack.

Is there anything you must have for your travel diaper bag? And feel free to comment down below with any tips you would like to add to this list. We would be happy to hear them.

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Nakturnal. All opinions expressed are solely my own. 

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