Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heaven Is For Real Book Review

This was a very emotional book for me to read. I wasn't quite prepared for what lay between the pages, and I am very moved and uplifted by it all. Not only from Colton's description of Heaven, but of his families strength and faith through it all.

At only three years old Colton Burpo was repeatedly mis-diagnosed with a stomach flu. The family had trust in their local doctors and hoped for the best. In reality his appendix had burst and poison had set in his body. As Colton got sicker and sicker to the point where death was looming around him, his parents decided to get a second opinion. Doctors didn't have much hope for the young boy and hospital staff was instructed not to give the family any encouragement or hope.

During his surgery Colton claimed to have went to heaven. He could name exactly what each of his parents were doing during the time he was under, when there would be no way for him to have known their whereabouts nor activates.

Colton describes meeting "Pop" the great grandfather that died well before Colton was even born. He claims to have met his baby sister, whom his mother had lost in an unfortunate miscarriage. Colton was never told about the loss of an infant in his family, and was able to describe this sister in great detail.

If that isn't astounding enough Colton describes heaven, and Jesus. During the three minutes he was in heaven he did many things, met many people, and even describes sitting on Jesus’ lap while the angels sang to him.

An astounding story of one boy's journey to heaven and back will have you riveted, emotional, and utterly without words. I know from having two young boys myself that there is no way for children of that age to know things that Colton describes about heaven, Jesus, and the events that took place. This is just not the stuff taught in any Sunday school class, and even having a pastor as a father a three year old would not be able to go into detail about the things Colton does. Colton even knows things that are to come and that happened in the past before he was even born. What really gripped me about this story is that, as humans ourselves, we often think that our prayers are unheard. We don't even realize that God DOES hear our prayers and He is always there for us and our loved ones. One thing that I loved also that many of us forget is that we don't HAVE to have fancy prayers, and we need to just let go of our pride sometimes. This book reminded me of one saying that I have heard my entire life, and something in which I continuously try to remind myself: "Sometimes we have to learn to Let Go and Let God". It's very hard for us to do because we always want to be able to control situations, but we just can't. And I think this novel can turn almost any skeptic into a believer. As I mentioned before it was a very emotional read for me, but at the same time it was just beautiful. The descriptions of Jesus, God, and Heaven. And the fact that during this harrowing time Jesus was with Colton, and when his parents couldn't hold and comfort him Jesus WAS! And their prayers were heard, a miracle happened, and God's love for them prevailed. I can't wait to share this novel with as many as I can. I think this is a book that should be read by all. I am so glad I had the privilege to read it, and I urge you to check it out as well. Happy Reading! :)

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided this book for free through Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review. Opinions expressed are mine alone.

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