Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November's Arrival

It's officially November and with it comes excitement, and nostalgia. This month my oldest baby turns four! How the time has flown by! It seems like I had him just yesterday! I am a bit sad over this turning of age, but he is so excited for his birthday that I can't stay sad when I see that sparkling excitement light up his eyes. LOL

We are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at our place this year for the family. I'm a bit anxious. It's been awhile since we have had a large holiday dinner at our house. Last year we had planned on it, but I was largely pregnant and uncomfortable so we all decided it would be best to do it at the sister in laws. However this year she is in the process of moving, out of town at that, so it would just work out better to do it here. I am nervous, but excited as I have a whole slew of recipes I can't wait to try out as well as make some of our traditional ones. :)

I'm excited about Black Friday. We contemplated not going this year because seriously it is the most hectic of times. It's worse than a department store on Christmas Eve if you ask me. BUT, it is the best time to get some great deals. I found a kid tough camera last year for my son, original fifty dollars-got it for twenty five. He still plays with that thing to this day, and he is getting better at picture taking. Plus I will admit that was one toy where money was well spent. It has faithfully upheld through all the slings and drops. It hasn't fazed it a bit. Plus it's a great time to buy for everyone's Christmas gifts. For the readers of the family I do plan on making some handmade fabric bookmarks as a little bonus.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween last night! In our neck of the woods it was very nippy and we didn't stay out as long as planned. It was getting much to cold for the kiddies, and since we are all still overcoming colds I didn't want everyone to get worse once the chill hit. There was a get together at my aunts house that was very fun and more than made up for the children's loss of trick or treating time. The family gathered and ate great food, passed out candy, and had a great time. Adults talking, kids playing. My son didn't seem that much interested in trick or treating anyway this year. He hates the majority of chocolate candy, and the only candy bar I've ever known him to eat is Kit Kat bars. He will also eat whoppers, but that's about as far as it goes. He was a very polite little man though and when he got the chocolate bars he said "Thank You, Happy Halloween", although when we were leaving each house I did catch him sneaking a peek in his bucket probably trying to estimate how much skittles/gum/twizzlers he had compared to chocolate bars. The littlest babe is eight months old today and he was just excited to have people ooh and ahh over how cute and adorable he was. LOL. I was a bit suprised at how many people this year did not pass out candy though.
However, all in all it was a very fun night.

I have some upcoming reviews to come soon, hope you'll stay tuned and check those out. One book I'm reading right now is just extremely emotional for me, and I can't believe how fast I am reading through it, it's hard to put down. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

Also if any of you fellow bloggers are interested in me placing your button on my blog site just leave a comment with the link where I can go grab the button. I would be more than glad to post your button on my site for a couple of weeks, and maybe it will gain some more traffic. We bloggers have to help each other out after all. :)
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