Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The TRULY Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

Let me just say that as a mommy with a love for baking I don’t particularly like commercial made cookies, particularly chocolate chip. Mainly because they never have enough chocolate chips and they are sorta bland in taste.
So when I received these cookies in the mail I did not have high hopes for them. I do like a lot of Kroger brands though, but when it comes to baked goods I'm picky. Then I read this on the box:

    *Chocolate chips are the #1 ingredient
    *Made with REAL butter
    *NO added preservatives or artificial flavors
I immediately figured they would be bland. How could a cookie with all these features be any good in taste? I whipped them out of the box and gave them a try. I took the advice on the box and heated them up in the microwave and…oh…my…goodness! Did I just drool on you? Sorry.
They were so GOOD! Seriously they did taste like homemade! I couldn’t believe it and it still leaves me speechless. You can definitely taste the butter and the chocolate chips were plentiful! No scrimping on the chocolate chippy goodness here!

The best part was when my husband walked in and said: “Oh, you made cookies! They smell good” followed by him grabbing one. After tasting one he said: “I like that you used more chocolate chips this time. Is there enough to take some for my lunch tomorrow?” I just laughed out loud and then showed him the box.
Needless to say the cookies were devoured before I could even snap a picture. Between my husband, son, and I they didn’t stand a chance. An added tip if you try these, have a glass of milk handy to really enjoy. Mmmm!

They are definitely going to make a come back to our house. Even if their stay won’t be long.

P.S. If you are curious to try these cookies I would love to give you a coupon for a dollar off. They retail for about $2.79. I only have two coupons so it is first come first serve. Just leave me your email address, and I will email you for further info on where you would like your coupon sent via snail mail. :)

As a BzzAgent I was provided the above mentioned product for free in hopes of spreading the word. All opinions expressed are HONEST and are mine alone.

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