Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Updates and Upcoming

This is just going to be a short update, a multitude of things have been going on, and will be upcoming.
I apologize for my absence. I have been suffering from my second bout of mastitis and the medication they prescribed does not sit well with me. It highly upsets my stomach and makes me feel terrible to put it plainly. However breastfeeding doesn't give me many options so luckily I am almost finished with them. I am determined and I'm not going to give up. I breast fed my first baby the entire year and not once did I get mastitis nor did he get thrush. This time around I have developed mastitis twice in the last couple of months and my baby has thrush. It's all new to me so I have been reading up on all I can. I'm sure all you fellow breast feeding mama's know exactly what I'm talking about, or have heard of it.

We didn't get our tree up until late (even though, as you remember, I couldn't wait to decorate for Christmas). We have pretty much gotten all of our Christmas shopping done, and I am still working on some handmade gifts thanks to Pinterest. Every year we have sort of wasted money on toys for our son that he never even played with often before he lost interest. When he was two my husband bought him one of those air hog helicopters that are remote controlled and fly in the air. Let's be honest he was too young for that. It was more of a gift for daddy than baby. ha ha
As we speak he still can't fully work it all alone yet and he is four. So since this year we have two to buy for we are keeping things simple and being careful not to jump the gun on spoiling. It is hard because I love to see their little faces light up with excitement, but I think they will be just as pleased. I'm proud to say we have only bought what they can benefit from educationally and just a couple of toys each they can actually play with. Besides too often we forget the true meaning of Christmas.
 What about you? Do you like to keep it simple for your children or go all out?

Hopefully I won't be overwhelming my readers but I will be posting a lot of reviews and giveaways within the next couple of weeks. I do have some fantastic giveaways upcoming though so I hope you'll stay tuned and enter in. I like to keep my giveaways fairly simple and I don't do the whole rafflecopter thing at least not for awhile. I do host a fair giveaway and use a random number generator so all is fair. Hopefully you will all stay tuned as I don't want you to miss a thing.

Also in case you haven't checked out Mommy's Musings Facebook page I am all up for anyone who wants their blog button featured on this blogs sidebar. I love to support other blogs. Any who I must get off here and lay down, sour stomach again. Sorry this post is sort of all over the place and choppy. I can't wait to post more often and have tons to catch everyone up on. I will be posting personal posts between reviews/giveaways to keep everyone updated, and feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear how all of you are doing despite all the holiday rush and fuss.
Hope this time isn't too stressful, and hopefully you are all excited about the upcoming holidays!



  1. I hope things improve for you very soon. I am in awe of all that you have done. I love the idea of how you are keeping things very real for Christmas. I have found that there were times when my kids got so many gifts that they didn't even appreciate or play with half of them. We now keep it simple and focus on fewer gifts that have more meaning. We also spend time donating to Toys for Tots and sponsoring a family each year. My kids love shopping for the other children and it gives us a chance to have lots of talks about what this season really means.

  2. I hope you start to feel better. I too am slowing down on the presents this year. I have four so you can only imagine what our budget looks like :)

  3. Looking forward to giveaways...fun, fun!

  4. Hang in there mama! Thanks for the upcoming opportunities and I would love for you to grab my button.

  5. I had 11 kids and found out that real apple cider vinegar took care of my mastitis every time. I'd mix 1T vinegar with 1 cup warm water and add a bit of honey. I did this 3 times a day and in just a few days the mastitis was gone.

  6. Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments!

    And Becky Jane thank you so much for that information! I wrote it down on an index card, and I will for sure use that in the future.

  7. glad I found you-- I love giveaways-- I hope you feel better


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