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Happy Homemaker Monday 12/09/2013

Oh so glad to be back with Happy Homemaker Monday! Sorry for the delay in getting this up. It's been a crazy day! We had a two hour delay this morning and me and the kiddos took the opportunity to sleep in an extra couple hours. Even though it set some of my to-do list behind I can't even begin to tell you how much needed it was. Nobody really got to sleep in over the weekend! LOL

Credit: Sandra @ Diary of a Stay at Home Mom
Photo used for purpose of Happy Homemaker Monday only :)

::As I Look Outside My Window::
It's getting dark already at 4:16pm and snow covers everything. Still it's peaceful even though very cold. I knew it was coming as I do every year. Funny thing is me and hubby were talking just a couple weeks ago how it was nothing like winter and now here we are. :)

::Right now I am::
Typing up this post while the kids enjoy their after school snack. I've been busy today so this is my first chance to sit down and get this post typed up.

::Thinking and pondering::
About how sometimes things don't always work out how we plan them or expect them. But just because they don't work out our way doesn't mean they aren't working out the way God means for them to be. Been trusting him more. I've realized that He knows what is best for us and He will get us through it. His hand is always outstretched. I just need to quit forgetting that and reach out and grab it rather than trying to carry the weight on my own shoulders.

::On my bedside table::

::On my TV tonight::
How the Grinch Stole Christmas with the kiddos

::Playing on the radio::
Nothing at the moment

::On the menu for this week::
Monday- cheesey pigs in a blanket, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese
Tuesday- Beef stew & grilled cheese
Wednesday- Homemade chicken and noodle soup & turkey wraps
Thursday- busy day and going to see a Christmas movie at the old theater in town so probably out to eat
Friday- not sure yet, need to plan the new menu and write out the grocery list

::On my to-do list::
I've mostly gotten everything done earlier which was why I was so busy. I had:
  • laundry (wash, dry, iron, fold, and put away) still have some more of this to do though as it's never-ending. LOL
  • dishes
  • sweeping
  • vacuuming

::What I am sewing, creating, knitting, or crocheting::
Nothing at the moment although me and the kids will be working on felt ornaments in a few as one of our Advent Activities

::My simple pleasure::
Cuddling up with my boys and just snuggling. I'm enjoying these days while I can because they are growing so fast on me. I'm not ready for it at all. LOL

::Lesson learned this past week::
It's a lesson I learn almost constantly. Let go and let God. He is there with a hand held out just waiting for me to grab on. I'm constantly getting stuck up in life's troubles and I feel the need to try and control situations. I need to remember though that I don't have to do it alone. He's there waiting to help me. Once I let go and let God things feel so much better, and I can't tell you the weight that is lifted off my shoulders.

::Looking around the house::
Kids are finishing up their after school snacks and watching their after school cartoon. We are about to start on homework, crafts, then dinner, baths, a quick movie, and bed.

::From the camera::
Nothing at the moment. It's been such a crazy time I haven't even snapped one picture. I can't believe it myself. Just goes to show how we can get so carried away. It's one of the things I'm trying to work on.

::Prayer list::
Our family
My parents
My husband's job that things stay steady right now. We are really depending on it.
Friends going through a difficult time.

::Bible verse/devotional::
But in every case, what “Let go and let God” comes down to is this: We need to let go of our own will. We must claim as our own the incredibly hard prayer that Jesus prayed: “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42). We need to let go and let God do what God wills. This submission will lead to peace and joy, even when the way is difficult. “Father, I place my life in Your hands!” (Luke 23:46).

So with that I'll leave you all to the rest of your evenings. If you would like to join in with Sandra's Happy Homemaker Monday head on over to her blog and link up. It's so much fun and nice to connect with others.
But I better head off for now there's much to be done still at my house. I hope to catch up with all of your posts later tonight once everyone is settled and I have some quiet time as I do so enjoy visiting each of you. :)

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