Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday - 05/12/2014

Hello all. Sorry I am getting this post up rather late. I have had a busy morning and will be having a busy afternoon. I'm re-arranging house right now and that includes going through more stuff, getting rid of stuff, etc. Plus I've had some additional errands to do today that took up some of my morning time.
Did you all have a Happy Mother's Day? I had a Happy Mother's Day post that I thought I scheduled to go up yesterday, but I apparently didn't set it up right. So Happy Late Mother's Day to all you fellow mothers out there. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful day yesterday.
Even though I have been battling being sick we had a great weekend. Hubby was off Friday and had to work the other days but he more than made that up, and me and the kids had a blast just spending time together.

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::As I look outside my window::
It's a little cloudy but the sun shows itself time and again. There is a breeze but it's very humid today. I can't complain too much tough, I'll take this over the snow and freezing temps right now. LOL We are in for some rain today I believe. I am kind of looking forward to it to be honest. I love the rain. :)

::Right now I am::
Drinking some tea with honey, and hoping it helps this awful cough I have. I cannot believe it but I am out of cinnamon completely so that is now on the shopping list for this week. Typing up this post at the kitchen table.

::Thinking and pondering::
About how relieved I am that there are only a couple weeks left of school. Almost three really counting this week. We had to make up a lot of days due to the winter we had. School got canceled for a week straight here.
And about how I am so over this sickness. I ended up with sinusitis and bronchitis and have been battling it for over a week now. I'm ready for it to go away, now would be good. LOL

::On my bedside table::
My Bible
My body lotion
My bedside lamp

::On my TV this week::
Monday- Safe Crackers with hubby
Tuesday- Real Tori
Wednesday- South Beach Tow
Thursday- Impractical Jokers (depending on if it's a new episode or one I've already seen)
Friday- catching up on some unseen Hoarders episodes
Saturday- catching up on some Kitchen Nightmares and Undercover Boss episodes
Sunday- Long Island Medium

::Listening to::
Nothing at the moment. My little man is having a late nap.

::On the menu for this week::
Monday- Chicken Stir Fry with Rice and Breadsticks
Tuesday- Grilling out cheeseburgers, waffle fries, potato salad
Wednesday- Fried Chicken, Chicken Rice, Peas
Thursday- shopping day so not really sure yet
Friday- see above
Saturday- see above
Sunday- see above

::On my to do list::
Change Bed Linens
Re-arranging furniture
Call the insurance company again (they messed up on some stuff and it's so hard trying to get them to straighten it out even though the fault is with them and not us, so frustrating)

::Happening this week::
Monday- Nothing besides what is on my to-do list above. Random chores, errands, making calls, etc
Tuesday- Karate (my little man is getting promoted! He will have yellow stripe now, I'm so proud)
Wednesday- Mopping floors, vacuuming floors, library
Thursday- Playgroup for little one, grocery shopping, paying bills, Karate
Friday- errands

::What I am creating::
Nothing at the moment. I actually finally bought some new yarn, but I have tons of my husband's work clothes to repair right now. LOL

::My simple pleasure::
Cuddling up with my kiddos on rainy days watching old cartoons which we all love.

::Homemaking tips::
Keep a magnetic notepad, paper, dry erase board, etc., in the kitchen. When you find your running low on something or run out of something you can refer to that when you are making your shopping list for the week. We have a small dry erase board and besides just using it for that I also will occasionally jot down meal ideas. Sometimes while I'm cooking one thing I'll think about making something else sometime so I jot it down so I don't forget.

::Looking around the house::
Everything is pretty much done except for laundry which is never done.

::From the camera::
Nothing this week

::Prayer List::
Friends and family needing prayers.
Everyone out there that needs prayers out of our reach.

::Bible Verse / Devotional::

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  1. I sure hope your cough goes away, for me that is the worst part of being sick, when you feel better but the annoying lingering cough remains.

    Your menu looks so good, yum. Have a great week :)


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