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Customized Easter Baskets from Personal Creations ~Review

Easter has always been special in our house. We mainly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and give extra thanks as He died on the cross for our sins. And of course there is also the tradition of the Easter Bunny.
Now usually we get the boys little buckets or regular baskets and fill them up with some goodies and a stuffed animal, etc.
However, one thing I've noticed is every year the Easter Baskets in the stores are same old, same old. There isn't anything really unique about them aside from the various faces, designs, colors, etc. The boys do still get excited of course to see that the Easter Bunny left them baskets, but this year we were trying to think of something that could make it extra special for them.
I was so pleased to have the chance to review Easter Baskets from Personal Creations. The opportunity came at the best of times.
They have quite an amazing selection of Easter baskets with everything from simple, quirky, cute, boyish, girly, etc. The spin is that these are customized which makes them about as unique as you can get!
The prices are very reasonable considering they are made with your child's name specially printed on them.

Here is a quick look at some of the baskets you can choose from::

I ended up choosing the below style for the boys. I couldn't pass up that they come with a cute little stuffed bunny, grass, and the customized lining is removable so you can use it again and again. Plus the baskets are hand-woven and of a neutral color so they can get enjoyment from them even after Easter is over.

Easter Basket with Plush

We chose 3 of the green polka dot baskets. I got one for each of my sons, and one for my nephew also.
The  plush bunny is very soft, and the basket very durable. The basket is hand-woven and of average size, and because the handle is movable you can fit larger items in with ease. The basket is by no means small, but nor is it large. It's of about medium size, and perfect for kids in my personal opinion. The customized cotton liner is removable and ties onto the sides of the basket to keep in place. The name stitching is very well done, but it looks like black stitching in the photo when in reality it is purple. It still looks very nice and didn't stand out of place so it wasn't a huge disappointment. It added more color to it certainly which befits Easter well. There were no loose threads on the lettering, nothing crooked, etc. These baskets are very pleasing to the eye, and enjoyable to children. Delivery was fast and came within a week of my order. The whole order was packaged with care.

The baskets came in a box filled with peanuts, and were individually wrapped in plastic.

And the price is a very good price considering you are getting a customized removable liner, plush bunny, basket, and grass.
One downfall was there wasn't very much grass to fit in the basket, but because we have small children we don't use the grass anyway. Still I will say there was enough to pad down the bottom of the basket so if you are one who likes to use grass it shouldn't be a deal breaker.
I am definitely a permanent customer of Personal Creations, as I am so very pleased with these Easter Baskets. They have so many other items to offer on their website from gifts, to items for the home, and so forth. Items are inexpensive considering you are getting customized items, and these Easter baskets are sure to make your kids feel extra special on Easter Day as they find these treasures waiting on them bearing their names.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

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  1. Hi! First time visiting your blog:-) The Easter baskets look so adorable! I'm going to visit Personal Creations to check them out.


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