Friday, March 8, 2013

Silver Linings and the Stomach Flu

I just wanted to do a quick update while I feel up to it.
Sorry I've been M.I.A. but I am currently slowly but surely recovering from the stomach flu. It hit me all of a sudden on Wednesday, and I made a late appointment with the doctor when I couldn't hold anything down. I could tell I was getting dehydrated because my lips were getting chapped and I was getting extremely weak and tired. Not a real good mix when you have two kiddos to take care of, let me tell you.

nasty little bugger isn't he? I promise he won't come through the screen though, he is confined to my stomach for the time

After confirming that it was the stomach flu I have been slowly recuperating. Hubby has been wonderful through all this helping with house upkeep, dinner, and the kids when he gets home. It's a blessing especially because I know how tired he is when he comes in from work after a long day. I'm very thankful. Although I admit I can't wait to get back to my normal routine. As a mom who sticks to a schedule it's not so great when you have no control over it.
For my worst days the kids seemed to be on their best behavior, but as I get better they seem to get a little more mischievous. Gotta love them though because they have been trying their hardest.
I have some nausea medicine to get me through the worst and I didn't eat anything for the first two days besides drinking Gatorade and drinking broth. Now I've graduated to crackers and feel a bit stronger.
The plus side in all this is I think this is just what I needed to kick start my diet! There's a silver lining to every dark cloud I must say!

Anyway there are some great reviews coming your way this weekend, and I will also be having some great giveaways on Mommy's Musings over the next few months so stay tuned. Also I hope to join Sandra Monday with Happy Homemaker Monday. It's going to be a busy day filled with appointments, but I'm hoping to get it in there. :)

Hope this post finds all of you well!


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