Sunday, March 24, 2013

ProFlowers Juniper Bonsai Review

Juniper Bonsai Tree from

I received the wonderful opportunity to get the above product, a Juniper Bonsai Tree from I was very impressed with the care and handling of the tree. It was delicately boxed and shipped, and had plenty enough water to keep it hydrated during the trip. It wasn't dried out when I got it, and came with a humidity tray with rocks as pictured above. The bonsai tree is around 3 years old and comes with care instructions, and a beautiful ceramic pot it sits in.
I really love having plants around whether they are inside or outside. It adds an extra touch of peace and serenity to the surroundings. I have always been a fan of bonsai's and was pleasantly surprised at the care of this one once it arrived. Delivery was prompt, and the plant had been well maintained.
The Juniper Bonsai plant is small, but very easy to maintain. It is actually meant for outdoor use, but since there is snow on the ground where I live, I've had to keep it indoors for the time being. Still it is thriving healthy enough with some time in front of a cracked window now and again, and plenty of sunlight. Once the weather warms up it already has the perfect place on my balcony. Bonsai's are perfect for any dwelling, but I find they fit really well in our apartment. I can't wait to get more.
The price is definitely affordable and worth the money as the Juniper Bonsai is only $34.99 with all you see pictured above.
Juniper Bonsai's are the perfect plant to give as a gift to someone who is interested in getting started with Bonsai plants. You can fiddle around with this plant as far as trimming, and care is very simple. It's the perfect starter plant for Bonsai lovers who want to learn more.
ProFlowers has many a selection of bonsai's, flowers, and other beautiful plants that you can browse right at your fingertips.

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Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product for free from ProFlowers in exchange for my unbiased review.

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