Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fast Max

Phew, what a crazy week. School got out in our area on Tuesday so we spent the day celebrating. We went to Burger King per our new kindergartner's request, and then we went to the local fair which happened to be in town. We had a great family day albeit extremely hectic.
Suddenly me and the kids started coming down with a sore throat and just felt like crud. Luckily the kids went to bed easy with no fuss, so I was able to lay down while I hoped for the best the following day.
No go though, when I woke up I couldn't talk at all. I had the usual: cough, sore throat, itchy watery eyes, and even ran a bit of a fever. I took Dayquil but it just wasn't helping me at all. To make matters a bit more hectic I was babysitting so it was like a day in the circus. Imagine watching 3 kids ages 5 and under while you can't talk other than a few hoarse notes here and there. And two of them were sick with mostly the same symptoms so it was filled with children's mucinex, allergy medicine, and tylenol per pediatrician's orders. They were grumpy. LOL
The children's mucinex works well for my kids so I was curious as to some of their adult products.
I did finally get the chance to do some research later Wednesday and find this:
It had good reviews and I really needed something. I felt like my chest was going to explode at any moment from coughing, and I just wanted to breathe through my nose. Hubby bought some and I was able to take it right before bed. Thursday when I woke up my cough had broken up more and my voice was almost all the way back.
Luckily today I am feeling a ton better and I'm more than ready to get back into our daily routines.
The kids are feeling much better also which means less grumpiness. And we are all going insane being indoors right as school lets out. So I have some family plans to make next week and awesome one so we can finally start enjoying the summer. Maybe it will help ease some of that sibling rivalry that's been going around here the past couple of days. Let me tell you it's not been pretty. They have even taken to fighting over the exact same things.
Anyway I have some great reviews I've been waiting to publish on here coming your way this week.
And I have some pictures I'll share from some of our adventures from this past week.
Right now I better go and start preparing dinner. Time waits for no one.
I wish you all a great evening, and happy weekend.

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