Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day Ideas for Him (And You)

Today I would like to welcome Michelle Pino to Mommy's Musings. She works at one of New York's finest spa's called Skana in Upstate, NY. A topic of conversation around the spa has been Father's Day gift ideas, and with Father's Day fast approaching she is sharing those ideas with us! I know I'm going to use a couple of those ideas myself. The best thing is these aren't just ideas to include dad, but to include mom too!

Father's Day Ideas for Him (And You)

Father's Day is a great time to celebrate dad. Many popular Father's Day ideas include fishing, cooking out, picnics, days at the park, or ballpark. These ideas are great and sure to bring a smile to dad's appreciative face, but after so many Father's Days, they get a little tired out. No matter what you choose to do for this special day, dad will probably have a better time if mom is involved. The following are some ideas for both mom and dad to celebrate Father's Day.

Try That New Restaurant

There's a highly reviewed, swanky, new restaurant in town that you can't convince hubby to take you to. Maybe it's because he doesn't want to pay the exorbitant amounts or maybe he's a bit too forgetful to make the required month-in-advance reservations. No matter what his excuse is, now is your chance to try it out. Make reservations ahead of time and surprise him with an all-expenses-paid gourmet meal for two.

Get Fit Together

The winter can be a tough time for both men and women. No bathing suits, football-food season, big bulky clothes all make it very easy to forget about those ripped abs or teeny bikini that you wanted this summer. Father's Day is the perfect time of year to kick off your summer hard body. Sign yourself up for a dual gym membership or a 6-week Shred Program. You'll be the hottest wife with the hottest husband on the beach this year. (Bonus: Many gyms offer a discount if purchasing more than one class or membership).

Vacation for a Day

Many resorts offer day passes so you are able to get a vacation for an affordable price without much time commitment. While your husband is winning the big bucks on the poker tables you can be enjoying yourself by the pool or at the spa. Many modern resorts will cater to couple's individualized needs. Break up your day with activities you both love to do and meet back up in the evening for a romantic dinner.

Father-Son, Mommy-Self Time

Purchasing go-kart or batting cage tickets for your hubby and son is a great way to also purchase yourself some alone time. While they are out of the house, you can get some much-needed me-time. The activities don't have to last the whole day, so you are able to send them out for fun and also have time for family fun.

When you choose what you are going to do for Father's Day, make sure it is all about dad having fun.  It's easy to get carried away with yourself during activities that are fun for everyone, just be sure that dad is having the greatest time possible on his day.

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