Sunday, May 15, 2011

SAHM Sunday #2

This Sunday we aren't able to attend church so I will spend most of the day playing with my kids and catching up on some reading & crocheting.

Currently Reading: Too Rich For A Bride by: Mona Hodgson (review upcoming)

Sunday Dessert: Double Chocolate Layer Cake with Marshmallow Decorations
Sunday Night Dinner: Irish Stew

Craft I'm Working On: blue and white crocheted twin size blanket (pictures upcoming)

Looking Forward To This Week:
Neighborhood Rummage Sale followed by a Family Picnic Thursday (hopefully weather will permit)

Weather In My Town: Rainy and windy. Temperatures have been up and down.

Weekly Tip:
If your an avid book reader, like me, you probably have quite a few bookshelves. It is easier to categorize genre's by shelf and alphabetize by genre. It makes it easier to choose whether your in the mood for romance, mystery, non-fiction, etc. You can even seperate two genres on one shelf with a knick knack or book ends.

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