Monday, September 17, 2012

Our weekend summary...

Sorry for my absence lately, we have had one heck of week! I'm so glad I could even get my blog tour post up for Band of Sisters by Cathy Gohlke, but I'm so glad I did because it is seriously an awesome book.

Back to school time is always hectic. The kids have fun, get into their routines and grooves, meet new friends, things slowly start getting back to normal, but then BAM! they get sick!

Monday night Lucas kept complaining that he was cold and tired. I thought uh oh! I checked his temp which was normal and he didn't have goose bumps or anything so I thought maybe he just had such a busy day. I put him to bed. Then on Tuesday after school he was sounding congested, bit of a runny nose, and continuously kept sneezing. My mom alarm went on immediately and I called the pediatrician to consult with them. They assured me that it was probably nothing more than an allergy issue but we made an appointment anyway to come in and get checked the next day, and to go ahead and send him to school.
The next day (Wednesday) add coughing to all the other symptoms. We go to the pediatrician where she doesn't really look at him all that much and says most definitely it's allergies so she calls in some children's Zyrtec.
Then by Thursday Levi was cranking around too, nose running all over the place, and I was sporting a bit of a sore throat myself. Lucas was no better despite the allergy medicine and by Thursday night Lucas and Levi were both running a fever. I had to give them both Tylenol and put them to bed where I checked their temps probably about every 2 hours all through the night and kept making them get up to drink water.
Friday morning hubby woke up with a sore throat, runny nose, cough, fever, etc.
So needless to say we all spent the weekend sick. Total insanity! Usually it moves down the line through us and it's rare we ALL get sick at the SAME time, but in this instance it was the case.
I also found out from several mothers that their children had been sick with the same symptoms and it had moved quickly through their families as well.
But we are all feeling better, we slept so much in fact over the weekend that I am so wide awake I couldn't sleep if I tried! I am just disappointed that we all had to get sick this past weekend! We had it planned to go to the zoo with some good friends of ours, and didn't get to partake. But for sure next time even though it probably won't be this year since it's been getting colder outside.

I've also found a pediatrician that I think/hope we are really going to like. I switched for various reasons though, not just the wrong diagnosis in case you were wondering.

In other news today since I was feeling better I had the sudden urge to change my purse. I am with purses like most women are with shoes. I love purses. I don't have a bunch of them lying around though. In fact every year I get rid of my gently used purses that don't get much use and only hold onto my favorites. Unfortunately this year I haven't got to do much purse buying so my options are rather limited.
I chose a small purse I've had for awhile that hubby got me, but it's so hard to fit a good sized book into!
My one demand about a purse is that it can fit my wallet, a couple diapers, travel size pack of baby wipes, hand sanitizer, my cell phone, and the main ingredient: a BOOK! It fits that stuff but just BARELY and it looks like the zipper is going to bust. haha.

One thing is I cannot believe how much junk I had in my wallet and other purse! (Yeah I cleaned my wallet out too) I had receipts and coupons from LAST YEAR in my wallet, and in my purse wasn't much better. While the stuff in my purse wasn't as old as the stuff in my wallet I still found some horrifying things. A broken hair tie, an empty cracker pack, old receipts from like 3 months ago, empty gum wrappers, etc. It was just insane. I was utterly disgusted! How in the world I let it get like that I don't know.

I'm always in a rush and usually my purse is the easiest quickest place to stash whatever I need out of my hands right then so I can grab a hold of my kids who are probably trying to get into something at that same moment. Immediately receipts get stashed in my purse or wallet, gum wrappers get thrust in there because we aren't by a trash can to throw it away, etc. It's really no excuse, but I'm sticking with those just in case. ;)

But even though this purse is a bit of a tight fit I'm still happy with it. It fills my needs for now and at least gives me a change in accessories. :)

That pretty much sums up our weekend. Since we are all feeling better with only tiny lingering symptoms, tomorrow it's back to the daily grind. Work, school, housework, cooking, cleaning (which never stops no matter what unfortunately), etc.
So off I go to read a bit before bed. I'll have to try to make myself go to sleep sooner or later otherwise I will regret it in the morning. :)



  1. I'm sorry you all got sick! It's hard enough when one person is sick, let alone the whole household. I've been battling annoying allergies like crazy this year. It seems like whenever I go back to Anderson, I have a lot of trouble breathing. Not sure why now because I never had a problem that I noticed when I lived there.

    I agree with you on purses. It HAS to fit a book. Thankfully my purse right now fits my Nook at least, so I can take it even if a regular book somehow doesn't fit. I would really like to just get a really good quality tote type bag, though, because I want to start carrying a notebook with me as well for various reasons.

    I hope you're all feeling better!

    1. We are feeling better. The little lingering symptoms are still stuck to us, but it's getting better by the day thankfully.
      When we moved to Muncie years ago I hardly ever got sick, but for some reason I am always coming down with sinus infections and such here. I really think it's due to the high pollen count, and who even knows what else. This is Anderson after all. LOL

      I have this purse that Josh thinks is really ugly, but it's so big that it fits everything I need to carry no problem (or that I feel I need to carry anyway). Well he promised on his next good check he would go buy me a purse of my choosing as long as I get rid of that one! hahaha! I'm thinking tote bag as well, especially since sometimes I am reading a couple books at a time, not to mention the diapers and wipes I have to carry.


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