Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Blog Hop Double Features! Coming Soon!

Starting every Friday I am going to be starting a "Blog Hop Double Feature", if you are interested in having your blog featured just leave me a comment.
I will occasionally be browsing through my followers as well checking out their blogs and scouring the web. I enjoy reading others blogs, in particular mom blogs, it really helps mothers connect and it is such a great way to learn new things. After all we moms have to stick together. I have picked up some awesome recipes that others have posted on their blogs, as well as gained helpful information.
In particular this blog hop can be helpful to moms who review products because some companies will only allow you to review products based on the number of followers you have.
So as I enjoy reading blogs and helping others I figure this is a win win situation for us all. Just wanted to let all the readers of Mommy's Musings in on what is to come. If you know any blogs that need more exposure but don't get a lot of followers please send them my way, and feel free to send popular blogs my way as well. After all, I understand it can be a bit difficult to get your blog off the ground sometimes, there are some amazing blogs out there that just aren't getting enough exposure. Cornily put it's a "blog eat blog world"
So hopefully my readers will enjoy this, I know I'm looking forward to it for sure! Here is a bit of a preview:

Have a great and blessed day!

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