Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Fall Season!

Well, around our house fall has officially begun. We have most of our decorations out on our patio, as well as in the house. I love this season! It is my favorite season, although I could ask for a BIT warmer weather. The weather in my neck of the woods has been rainy, dreary, and cold. Needless to say most of our time has been spent indoors. BUT...we are still having lots of fun, and my days are still jam packed. I home school Lucas mornings Mon, Tue, Thurs, and Fri. He will be going to public school on Wednesdays once a week starting in a couple of weeks. I still need to get his supplies. My husband likes to wait until last minute on things whereas I want to get stuff as soon as I know we need it. I love this season, the holidays, the food, the decorating. What is your favorite part of the fall season?

A local store by us is going out of business and I took the opportunity to grab a few Christmas gifts for the boys. I will be looking around for some deals from now until then, and what I can't help participating in is Black Friday. I look forward to it. It is hectic and crazy, but you just can't beat the prices. Some people think I am crazy for participating in the madness, but when I get home and unload all my money saver finds I go back to bed happy. Last year I scored a kid tough camera for Lucas that he still plays with today. That thing still works great and it has been through all kinds of hardships (he is almost four so you can imagine). It was regular 40 or 50 dollars and I got it for 25. It was one of the things Lucas wanted most last year. My mom usually stays overnight on Thanksgiving and then she sits with the kids while we are gone. Truthfully they don't even know we are gone as they are asleep when we leave, and still so when we get back which gives us time to stash the gifts. Which brings me to a question I would like to pose to you...Where do you stash your kids Christmas gifts so they don't find them? I know this can be especially hard for those with older kids who actually know to look for something.

We are planning a trip to the pumpkin patch soon enough. They sure aren't what they use to be when I was a kid. The prices are a bit high for my taste, but it's tradition and the kids have so much fun that we just can't say no. However what we did last year is we let the kids pick a small pumpkin since the larger ones were around eighteen dollars apiece, that way they got to pick a pumpkin out, and then we went to the grocery store to get a big one. If your lucky there are some farmers that have signs who sell their pumpkins for a decent price. We found a place like this last year, but by the time we got there to pick our pumpkin all the good ones had been picked through.

Anyway God Bless you all and have a good day. I must get back to my daily chores. I have some great upcoming recipes to share, but blogger is taking forever to load the pictures so I will try back again later. If you haven't already, you should enter to win my prefense hand sanitizer giveaway. It truly is amazing stuff, and safe for kids. You can google Prefense to find out more or visit their website. You can also read my own review of it (link is below). It's been featured on news channels before as well. 12 days left to enter. Simply leave a comment on my review to be entered. Extra entries aren't mandatory, but there are ways to gain extra entries and they are listed in my blog review. And if you want your blog featured on my Double Feature Blog Friday leave your name and blog address in a comment. Good luck, have a blessed day!

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