Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time Flys By...

I can't believe it is already Saturday! This is the last day of my husband's 10 day vacation. We have spent the entire vacation at home this go around. Our lives are always busy and hectic and we've just taken the time to relax, and enjoy each other's company. It has been great. We are planning a trip for next year to South Carolina and to visit some family in Tennessee. We're waiting until our youngest is off breast-milk and over a year old.

I can also tell that I'm going to be buying a laptop at the end of the year. I have had mine for a number of years, and it is constantly messing up. I'm pretty sure that it has a virus and I need to get it checked out. Depending on how much they tell me it's going to cost to fix it, I will either have it fixed or just buy a new one. It has been taking about 20 minutes to finish booting up, new windows pop up sometimes although not as much as I've seen in the past, it is starting to sometimes type slow, and it won't hold an internet connection even though it sits in the same spot it's always in. This happened once before when I was taking college classes. I had a laptop and it randomly was typing gibberish when I would be trying to type up a paper. I thought it was possessed or something, screens would pop up out of nowhere, all my letters and words would turn to lines and boxes, nothing would save, and files started deleting themselves. When I got it checked the cheapest I could find to get it fixed was for $450, and as electronics always go on sale around Christmas and tax time I bided my time until then and found this Dell Inspiron for only $550. I always keep virus protection and spam protection, but apparently it hasn't much helped. So we shall see what the prices bring. If it's not much more to get a new one I may just do that. If they can fix this one great to. I already know which option my husband is hoping for. I seen him eyeing an ad for Best Buy the other day. I think all guys are electronic obsessed.

Last night me and the hubs went bowling which was pretty awesome. Bowling was technically our first date when we met and it really brought back some good memories. We went with my my sister in law/her fiance', and my brother in law and his wife. The kiddies stayed with my mom so we could have a night out. It was a blast, and it was filled with much jesting and laughter. We had two lanes and decided to see how the girls fared against the guys. It wasn't really a competition, it was just for fun although I have to say if we would've been more serious about the game we totally would've had it from the girls side. hahah. We did pretty good though, and the main thing is we had a lot of fun! We plan to at least get together once a month.
I love my kids, and sometimes I feel guilty about leaving them and doing stuff especially because they are 3 and 6 months, but I can't express how much we need to try and get out and enjoy ourselves as adults. And the need to get out just you and your spouse sometimes as well. This doesn't mean drinking and partying because I don't do either, it just means get out and have some fun with your spouse, friends, family members, etc. Even though we often spend our adult time talking about our children and what antics they have recently been up to it's good for everyone all around to get a little break from each other. We are more than mommies and daddies, or our job titles, we are husband and wife, family, friends, and people who need some time every now and then. And if you don't live near family or someone who can watch your children for a couple of hours, wait until the kids go to sleep, pop some popcorn, and watch a movie together. We need to connect as husband and wife as well.

I know it's a bit late in the day, but there's a couple rummages I plan on checking out today, just waiting until my boys finish their naps, then lunch, then leaving. I have some last minute shopping to do before hubby goes back to work, and I'm going to decorate our porch in fall and Halloween while my husband and sons fly the panda bear kite. (I bought a $12 kite at Meijer for my son for only $1.75! It's cloth with tails and it flys amazingly).

Also, my three year old starts preschool! I have been homeschooling him, and I do plan on continuing to do so, but he needs some speech therapy. I have been doing all I can and we have worked out the letters, now it's just certain sounds. I was going to continue in working with him myself, but he told me that he wanted to be with other kids after we drove by a school and he seen the children walking into the building. He keeps calling them his kids. LOL It's a bit late in the year for him to be going to classes, but they couldn't schedule him in until late. In our town there is only one place that offers speech therapy for preschoolers and they are always booked! His evaluation wasn't until late even, and other children will be starting at the same time as him. He will only go for three hours, one day a week. He is extremely excited and we meet his teacher next week, plus he gets his cubby, etc. They treat it as preschool, and they have a supply list, cubbies, play time (for like 15 minutes), etc. I didn't really want to send him to school, but I do think it will be good for him, and I plan on teaching him the rest of the week here at home. As time goes on we will see which one he benefits from most. I am reluctant to let go. I can't believe he will be four in just a month and a half! Time flies by! And my other boy is already six months old! It seems like I just had him yesterday! I will never get use to this. I wish I could just stop the clock for a little while...but at least I can replay the memories in my head. I feel very blessed, and thankful to God. And thankful to you all for reading my ramblings on here.  :)

Have a great and blessed day!


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