Monday, September 12, 2011

Pokey Pig's Picnic

Pokey Pig’s Picnic
By: Polly G. Young
Illustrated by: Janet Y. Raymond

     This creative children’s book is all about Pokey Pig and his pals. There is Proud Peter Peacock, Plump Pammy Partridge, and many others. They make a delicious picnic of everything involving the letter P from pop, popsicles, pastries, etc.
     It was a wonderful, warm, friendly story and it is perfect for children of all ages. How clever to add all the words that start with the letter P and combine them all into a magical story that fits so well together! The characters are just as witty as can be! The pictures are so engaging as well, and so detailed. After reading a children’s book, many times my son will start to parse the pictures and he will begin to notice not only the main character of the page, but the background as well. He loved that he could see jars in a box, or dishes in a cabinet. We really enjoyed this read! It is now actually a favorite of ours. Mainly talking in words starting with the letter P, and as my son does have some issues still with certain letters I will say that by the end of this book the P’s did seem more clear when he spoke them. Now he helps me read along. Since reading it for the first time he has had me read it every single night at bedtime.
     I read usually two-three books at bedtime and this is his first choice every night. It pleases me he likes it so much. It’s whimsical, and a really fun tongue twister which when reading it together makes you laugh out loud at times with joy. It’s sort of like reading a cartoon, and it is a very engaging book! I think it is a brilliant children’s book, and we were definitely not disappointed in anything what-so-ever. Everything meshes well together, and it doesn’t go off topic at all. It is by far one of the best children’s books I have had the pleasure of reading since Dr. Seuss! And for us Dr. Seuss is a huge part of our household both in cartoons, movies, and novels so that is saying a lot. I plan to buy one for each of the young ones in our family. It will make a great Christmas gift, and I just know they will love it.

If you would like to purchase your copy, you can visit: DORRANCE
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are mine alone

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