Wednesday, September 28, 2011

God Gave Us You Book Review

This is the second book I have reviewed written by Lisa Tawn Bergren and I am now officially a faithful fan of hers. This is an amazing children's book. The illustrations were done by Laura J. Bryant and they are amazing as well. Here's a bit of a description about the book:

A baby polar bear cub climbs into bed and asks her Mama Bear where she came from. The Mama bear tells her how much she was wanted and how much they love her. Then she lovingly responds "God gave us you" She then goes on to explain some of the events leading up to her baby cubs birth such as how excited both her and the cubs Papa Bear was, how they prepared for her, etc. Then Mama Bear goes on to tell how happy they were at her arrival.

The story was very well put and covers one of the most basic questions that all children ask at one time or another which is "Where did I come from?".  It provides a simple explanation to this answer and details the love, tenderness, and excitement that leads up to a baby's birth. The pictures were also very engaging, and as it is a board book it is great for younger children that love to turn pages themselves. It's also great for infants since they are very curious and like to grab pages. Although the baby cub in the story is a girl it isn't really gender based and both boys and girls can enjoy it. I read this book to both my children, both boys, ages 3 1/2 & 7 months. They enjoy it very much and comment on the story as well as the pictures. It is a very heart-warming book, and let's the child know what wonderful gifts from God they truly are. It's perfect for naptime, bedtime, or anytime really.
All in all it is a very fantastic book and I would recommend it to anyone with younger children. To find more out about this book you can CLICK HERE

Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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