Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm sure you noticed the Ahh where O should be in the title. That is because I am relieved that it's October. I love the fall season. Admittedly with it comes a bit of nostalgia at this year's ending approach. It has went by much to fast for me. But that is life I suppose. I love the decorations, food, leaves changing color, etc. For those of you that read regularly you've heard me prattling on about the glory of fall in the last few posts, so I won't bore you further. ha ha

Of course there are SOME downfalls of the fall season, one being the FLU! I am scheduling our flu shots for this week, my husband's work gives them one free of charge. I dread getting the flu shots, they scare me every time. Especially since this is going to be Levi's first flu shot EVER, but what makes me go ahead with it every year is that when I was a new mommy and Lucas was just a couple of months old my husband got the flu, then I got the flu, then LUCAS got the flu. We all ran such high fevers, I was completely useless I had it so bad. I could hardly get out of bed, I was in and out of sleep, worried constantly about Lucas because at two months old there wasn't much he could safely have to help bring down the fever. So every year since then we have all made sure to get the flu shot. I battled with pneumonia a couple years back and I'm terrified once again to get that back, but I'm not going to get the immunization against that, mainly because I've been told you can't have that immunization while breastfeeding which I am and will be until March 2012. For those of you interested here is a FLU GUIDE that could really come in handy this season.

Anyway, during October I always brainstorm about gift ideas for the Christmas holiday. This year I will be making some homemade gifts as well as getting a few things during black friday. I can't wait to share the gift ideas I have as I make them. I will post step by step pictures in case you would like to make them too. I also have TONS of recipes to share coming up, and the good news is I FINALLY got some SD cards for my camera! Yay! LOL!

I have some great upcoming reviews, and a stack of books I can't wait to delve into this season. Are you reading, or planning to read anything your particularly excited about? Also if your a reader that writes book reviews please feel to leave me your blog URL if I'm not already following. I am always up for a good book and I love knowing what others thoughts on novels, it can be very insightful.

And I wanted to share something awesome I came across on TWITTER. I am eager to share it with all of you. It's from Parent's Magazine. There are 15 really great DIY Halloween crafts on here, and this one in particular looks SO awesome, and really interesting so this will be the one I share. I will be trying this one out myself, fun for the whole family!

Photo & Craft Credit: Crafts By Amanda

It seems really simple and easy to make and so fun! I was expecting it to be hard and complex when in reality all you need are these few items...
canning jars, acrylic craft paint, paintbrushes, a dish of water, black permanent marker, Krylon clear glaze spray, tea lights

Make it: Paint your canning jars with one layer of acrylic paint -- too many layers of paint will make the jars too dark. Once dry, draw some jack-o-lantern styled faces on the fronts of the jars with your black marker. Finally, paint the jar rims black, let them dry, and spray with the Krylon clear glaze to set. Pick your favorites to display on your front steps or windowsill and insert a tea light to illuminate.

You should definitely check out all the other great DIY Halloween Crafts they have featured!

So with all this in mind it is time for me to get back to chores. I will be posting a new recipe tomorrow, and hope you'll check back for it. I have been super busy lately with fall/Halloween decorations, and they are going to be tearing out all of our storage units throughout our apartments so I will be occupied clearing mine out. I am somewhat of a pack rat when it comes to my storage unit, but if I haven't used it in a year, or have forgotten I had it then I'm getting rid of it. My new frame of mind. Hard, but needs to be done. They are just material items after all, and maybe someone else can get more use out of them than I have what with them packed away in totes.

Hope everyone has a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll come back soon!


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