Friday, October 14, 2011

Mommy's Seperation Anxiety

Well this week has been chaulk full of suprises, for one thing my baby boy started school on Wednesday. He only goes once a week just for speech therapy, and he only goes half day. Still this was a big deal for me. He wasn't sure about it at first and stuck right to me and hubby. He did not want to participate in anything. But then when the teacher started talking to him about story time, free play, and painting he just left us standing there and joined the others without a backward glance. We were urged to leave hurriedly to avoid any seperation anxiety and tears. We left with me having tears in my eyes... as the hours passed I kept wondering if he was crying for me or throwing a tantrum. I could even picture him at the classroom door calling "Mommy, I wanna go home!" and it was a very emotional day for me. Before I knew it, it was time to go back and pick him up. He came out with the other kids in a line and when he seen me, ran right to me. I asked him about his day and he told me all about it very enthusiastically. This from the little boy who cried a whole month when he started attending his sunday school classes. I asked the teacher about his day, and she told me proudly that he didn't cry at all. He was a bit hesitant around the other children and a bit shy. He refused snack time because of the stranger factor (which I was actually proud of even though we did have a talk that snack time at school is okay), and he didn't know about sitting down with the other children so he just kinda stood around the whole time. I was very proud when he showed me a worksheet which he scored 100% on. It was various pictures of different things, and you had to draw a line connecting one picture that sounded like the other such as bow/boat, eye/ice, bye/bike, etc.
I took him for a happy meal which he was very excited about as I don't do that often. He chose the chicken nuggets and apple dippers with orange hi-c. It was a treat for doing so well his first day as I mainly cook at home. It's funny to look back on his first day, even though Wednesday was only a few days ago, because I was clearly the one with the seperation anxiety. We will see if he does okay the following weeks as I'm sure it will take some time for him to get use to this new lifestyle change. Or maybe it will be just me again. LOL

What about any of you fellow mommy readers out there? Was it hard for you to let your toddler go to pre-k, or kindergarten, and if your children are homeschooled has it been hard to let them venture out and do new things. I know it's a part of growing up, but I am obviously not ready. I am clearly the one that needs to be pushed out of the comfort nest because apparently my children are all too ready to just jump out of it. haha. My littlest one even is starting to crawl and he is all over the place without a thought to me or where I am. Hah! But it's a part of life, and I must get use to it. It's only half a day one day a week. I suppose I will adjust as well, hopefully. LOL

Have a blessed day!



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! My kids are teenagers and it is hard to let go. There are a thousand little goodbyes. Our job is to help them be self suffcient, Godly adults. It's hard though. Treasure them!

  2. It's so hard to let go, isn't it? You wait and wait for them to be more independent so you have more free time, then when they're out of sight all you do is think about them and miss them. Sounds like he had a great first day and will settle in fine. Now you just have to find something fun to do with your "me time"! : )


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