Monday, October 24, 2011

Magid Glove is Pure Magic!

When asked to review Flock-Lined Yellow Latex Gloves Magid® Comfort Flex® 620  I was actually pretty excited. The usage of latex gloves is high in my house. I for one am constantly cleaning, and with two boys and it being the fall season I am constantly disinfecting everything. Here's a few of my personal examples:

For one thing I have a dishwasher, but I basically use it as a drying rack. I prefer to hand scrub my dishes making sure I get everything cleaned thoroughly. One thing is I prefer to wash my dishes in pure hot water so it kills all the germs. I like to use latex gloves for this so I don’t burn my hands, but usually I still feel a lot of the burn and it makes it uncomfortable. My hands get all splotchy and I am using lotion constantly so my hands don't crack.

Another thing is I use a lot of bleach when cleaning in the bathroom. I clean my tub, toilet, and sinks with Clorox bleach. I have had a problem with a lot of my rubber gloves that when exposed to bleach the powder stuff inside will come off onto my hands and make it uncomfortable. And sometimes the case has even been that the gloves just aren’t sturdy enough to withstand the bleach/water combination I make to clean with. My hands get all red and splotchy.

With Flock-Lined Yellow Latex Gloves Magid® Comfort Flex® 620  I didn’t have any of those problems. They were spectacular! I used them when washing dishes and the water didn’t burn me at all. As a matter of fact I couldn’t even tell that I was indeed doing my dishes in scalding hot water. I had to test the water with my elbow to make sure the hot hadn’t run out on me. In the process I burned my elbow, but was so pleased at how well the gloves were holding up that I didn’t even notice. The grip is fantastic and there is nothing cumbersome about them at all. Absolutely no bulk and I have quite thin fingers and wrists.
Then I used them while cleaning and scrubbing the tub, toilet, sinks, etc., they were amazing! The powder didn’t come off in my hand and nothing ate away at the gloves! They withstood the bleach water, and they slid off as easy as they went on. I could grip my scrub brushes easily and didn’t drop them once as I usually do with other gloves.
They literally fit me like a glove, (no pun intended), and I had no trouble at all with any extra bulk you usually get with many other latex gloves.
I was so impressed with these gloves I told my husband all about them adding that they are chemical resistant gloves after all. He usually takes no interest in my cleaning products, but this time he did and wondered if he could use them at work. He works in a factory and has to clean up oil spills from the machines a lot of the time. I agreed, eager to share this new find with him. He was amazed. He said they didn’t slip off his hands, he had good grip, and he was able to keep the oil off his hands. He hates when oil imbeds itself in his fingernails and he spends forever scrubbing it out. While his work does provide gloves to use they don't really hold up well so they ARE allowed to bring in their own if they don't like what is provided. He didn’t have any problems with these latex Magid Comfort Flex Gloves! He is so excited he can’t wait to spread the word at his work. He said he got many comments on the gloves with others who were impressed.
We are both so impressed I think from now on this will be the only latex glove we use! I encourage you to check it out! The price is definitely affordable for those on a budget. You can get a dozen for $10.63 which is actually just about 0.89 cents a glove! You can get them here:

Here's a bit more about Flock-Lined Yellow Latex Gloves Magid® Comfort Flex® 620:


Magid's Comfort Flex® 620 is a yellow latex glove, perfect for any household task. This style features an embossed finish, providing superior grip on wet or dry surfaces. The 620 is also fully liquid-proof, making it perfect when dealing with household chemicals, as well as certain mild abrasives. This glove comes with a flock lining that enables it to come on and off with ease. The Comfort Flex® 620 is a big step up from your average disposable, featuring .018 gauge thickness and 12" length. Caution: products containing natural rubber latex may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
  • Flock-lined latex glove
  • Embossed finish for fantastic grip
  • Stands up well to everyday chemicals
  • Comes on and off with ease
  • .018" gauge thickness, 12" long

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free in the hopes that I would post a review on my blog. All opinions expressed are solely mine alone.


  1. LOL! First I thought it was a book review. Then I read your story about sploches and thought, may be the gloves provide an interesting angle to the story. And then I see you were actually talking about real gloves that you use!! Hahaha....I think I dropped couple of my screws somewhere today. :D

  2. I always wear vinyl gloves. I usually wind up bring a pair or two home from work in my pocket. So I clean with them and I always handle meat with gloves on for some reason. Keeps the germs and stickyness off my hands.


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