Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Shall Overcome!

Things have been so hectic lately I've only had time to post my book reviews. But then who as a sahm or mother isn't living in hectic city? LOL

I have been striving and determined to overcome these obstacles that keep getting flung in my path. With God's help and much patience on my end I shall overcome them!

First off we have all been battling colds. We are just now getting over them, and luckily because Lucas starts classes tomorrow! He will be going once a week for the rest of the school year and we will be continuing our home schooling here at home.

There are many obstacles presenting themselves to me today, but I'm determined to overcome all of them. Or at least go down trying and trying again.

While the boys and I were sick, my husband volunteered to go ahead and go get Lucas's school supplies. I was a bit leery of this I will admit. My husband is more frugal than I and as we all know schools are so particular when it comes to their supplies. Plus I just prefer to get everything the boys need as I am more "in the know" when it comes to them since I am with them all the time.
BUT being sick and unsure of when I would get better plus with the boys laying in bed sneezing and coughing, I agreed to let him go ahead and get everything.
It SEEMED like he got everything on the list that was needed so I didn't fret about it. Usually I pack everything away right away so it gets done and there's no worries later. BUT I let that dumb fall cold get the better of me and told my husband to set everything on the dresser and I would pack it up later. Well, as we started feeling better I was swamped catching up other household chores and didn't figure it was a big deal. (Again my mistake) and didn't get around to preparing his school stuff until this morning. THIS is where we hit a road block. The pack of Dixie cups is not a box of Dixie cups nor is it the amount needed, the wipes are scented and some children can't have the scented they need hypoallergenic, the pants are all two sizes too small (I found a $3.00) sticker on the tags so I figure hubster seen the sale and just went for it estimating the size. The snacks are not big enough for an entire class, etc. Needless to say right now we have one working car and the hubby has it at work. He won't get home until bedtime for the boys. SOOO...it's a lucky thing I live close to a store and it isn't freezing out because later we are taking a trip. haha.
I try to look at the amusing side of this. There's no sense in getting flustered because it won't help matters. Instead I'm looking at it this way:
  1. Only my husband (love him so much!) would guesstimate a size just because something is on sale
  2. I JUST realized that I have a movie that is three days overdue from the library which costs a dollar a day. hah! Only me...
  3. This late minute hectic-ness is what we all deserve for procrastinating until the last minute sick or not. After all moms don't get sick days what was I thinking. LOL

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

~ Tori ~

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