Monday, October 10, 2011

The Love & Respect Experience

This is a husband-friendly devotional that wives truly love. As a wife myself I can attest to that fact. I greatly enjoyed this book! Me and my husband both have read it cover to cover and now we are working on the devotionals together.
Most devotionals are more from a feminine perspective and this often will make a husband shy away from it and be uninterested. This book focuses on both and is so equal! Not to mention my husband pointed out that the majority of the male population are not interested in reading something long and tedious if they can’t get into it. After all it isn’t a sports page or something as he said. Ha ha. But with this book each chapter is very short and to the point. Everything meshes well, and while there is discussion points it isn’t long discussions that lead to heated arguments and misunderstandings. It just flows very well and is very comforting for both partners. After the first couple of devotionals my husband was glued and he looks forward to going over it more together again.
One of the things this book points out is marriage is never perfect. As man and woman joining as one we are still different in every way from each other. This makes it hard to understand one another. We hear things differently, we see things differently, and we feel things differently. This novel puts it in such easy terms for anyone to understand and refers to this as “Pink” and “Blue“.
This book is based on the principle that if wives show their husbands respect he will show her love, and if a husband shows love to his wife, she will show him respect.
There are acronyms making it easy to follow along for husbands and wives that we can each work on to show one another the love and respect we need and deserve. At the end of each chapter is a prayer a place to take action. There is also a discussion for each chapter in the back of the book which is most helpful.
The three cycles it goes through: The Crazy Cycle, The Energizing Cycle, and the Rewarded Cycle are very insightful and it clearly breaks things down.
I recommend this book to any married couple! The best thing about it is that it not only helps husbands and wives connect and understand each other, but it puts God in the mix as he IS the biggest part of our marriage and lives. There are so many biblical passages throughout this book that pertain to the material, and it is very refreshing. Nothing was hard to understand and for me and my husband I have noticed that things have been so much better. We have never had a bad marriage, but we haven’t always understood each other and we have had our disagreements. Some things that don’t seem as important to him are important to me, and visa versa. This book is not a cure all for marriage nor does it claim to be, but in my personal opinion and from the experience of reading this book with my husband it will help understand and appreciate one another more.
Not to mention this book is just wonderfully put together. It reads comfortably, and it even feels comfortably. It has a leather texture and feels almost like a heavy blanket in your hand.
Highly recommendable and I know that me and my husband plan on going over this book together at least once a year and keeping the principles in mind and in practice daily. It's like being two brand new people together!

If you would like more information on this book, please feel free to CLICK HERE-->You won't regret it! :)

DISCLAIMER: I was provided this book for free through Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review. Opinions expressed are mine alone.

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