Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sticky Paws Raccoon Gets Caught Red-Handed REVIEW

Sticky Paws Raccoon Gets Caught RED-HANDED
By: Mycol Roy Wisenbaker, Sr.

Sticky Paws Raccoon Gets Caught RED-HANDED
By: Mycol Roy Wisenbaker, Sr.
This book is about a Raccoon named Sticky Paws who really wants some of Farmer John’s delicious red apples. Previously he took a trip to Farmer John’s with his good friend Rex the Fox where they were almost caught by Farmer John’s German Shepherd dog Shep. Sticky Paws remembers being knocked out of that free lunch, and starts wanting the apples even more. He decides the apples are just too delicious to not try and go back. He plans, waits, and creeps to the shed where the apples are kept. Miraculously he makes it past Shep without being detected. He can smell the good apple aroma, but he finds the shed locked tight!
Just when he thinks all hope is lost he notices a vent open at the top and realizes if he can just climb through the vent he will be inside to enjoy those wonderful apples.
After trying he finally gets inside. He falls right into the barrel of mouth watering apples, and rather than try and wash the apples he just can’t wait so he digs right in. He starts to eat and eat the apples, and before long the sun is up.
The door opens and looking at him and the eaten apples is non other than Farmer John and his dog Shep! Sticky Paws barrels out the door trying to get away and as he gets up he realizes not only is he much too full, but he feels sick to his stomach. Shep chases Sticky Paws inside a log where Sticky Paws throws up all the apples he ate. As he lays there moaning of an upset stomach he realizes that just being honest instead of stealing never would have gotten him into so much trouble, and he never would’ve gotten sick.
I think this was a great children’s book. The only thing I didn’t like about it is the pictures weren’t as colorful as the cover would lead you to believe. In fact all the pictures inside are in black and white. However they are well drawn, and they do have an endearing paw print border around them which helps makes it more festive. Other than that this a great children’s book which can help teach children morals. Particularly when it comes to taking what is not yours, and just being honest. My son will be four in a month and he liked the book. He found the escape of Sticky Paws quite entertaining and his laughter brought me to laughing as well. Not to mention my son learned an extra useful lesson from this book. When we buy fruit (especially apples), they go on a bowl on our table and I often find him reaching for one ready to take a bite. He loves apples, and I know it’s hard for him to resist. So when Sticky Paws gets sick and throws up he looked up at me and said: “That‘s why we always wash our apples before we eat them”. Ha Ha. So I am quite pleased and now I have a reference for the next time he tries to snag an apple without letting me wash it. I can just say: “Remember what happened to Sticky Paws the Raccoon?” LOL
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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.


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