Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making Your Home Multifunctional

Making your home comfortable and organized is the most desired goal of all. Your home is your sanctuary so you want it to be comfortable and relaxing. So I'm going to share a few tips to achieve these goals. Let's take a look at the main areas in a home where all of us have issues, furniture.

A couch is a place you sit when family is visiting, you want to read, or you just want to relax in front of the TV. In most homes, aside from the dining table, the couch is the most occupied area. So why not make it comfortable? You can easily accomplish this by taking a look at deep seating couches. They are of the utmost comfort, and can still maintain that stylish appeal everyone wants. Here's a few of the perks of a deep seated couch:

  •        Perfect for lounging as they are extra plush and deep
  •        They can make a great bed if you want to have a guest over, but do not have the guest space.
  •        Great for those who are extra tall due to the added depth

Another multi-functional piece of furniture you can buy for your home to make your life easier is a table lamp with outlet in base. These are perfect for end tables, or bedside. You have the function of a bedside light, and since there is an outlet in the base this is perfect for plugging in small electronics. This way you can charge your phone without leaving the comfort of your bed. Highly multi-functional and makes things a bit more convenient. Here's some perks of lamps with outlets::

  •        You can plug in small electronics, keeping them close by (perfect for cell phones, computers, etc)
  •        Heavy base often prevents tipping
  •        Many styles to choose from without looking outdated

There are many ways to make your living space more organized and functional with these and other tips. If you look around you can transform your home in many ways creating multi-functional areas that will make your life flow with ease.

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  1. great suggestions! so need to do some of these things in our house!
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