Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Into Fun!

I always forget how much I truly love Springtime. I don't know if this is because winter tends to get so cold in Indiana that I long for Summer, but whenever Spring comes around I am always in awe. I love watching the grass, trees, flowers, etc., come back to life and blossom before our very eyes. This is turning out to be an especially nice Spring here in Indiana so far. We actually had a pretty mild winter as Indiana winters go. We have had temperatures in the 70s and 80s here, and with the spring breeze it has been so WONDERFUL! Gods beauty surrounds us in so many ways and forms, and spring is just one of those proofs.

But with Spring also comes one task that I often find myself having mixed feelings about:


I always find myself having mixed feelings about Spring Cleaning. I am eager to get started on it, and yet I dread it at the same time. It seems impossible to me that every single year I find stuff stored away in a cabinet or closet that we haven't used all year or have no use for. There's clothes that I've held onto that just don't fit and probably never will again. I find broken toys that I have held on either for nostalgia's sake or because I tell myself that I will fix it. Of course it never happens, and I find it sitting on a shelf forgotten about until I finally throw it away. Why I don't just do these things in the first place I will never know, but every year history repeats itself. So this year I already have an entire closet of stuff that I am donating to Goodwill. Clothes we have all outgrown, toys the boys NEVER play with, items we have no use for, etc.
And then there's the cleaning aspect. Cleaning all the ceilings, blinds, walls, cabinets, crevices, etc,. I always dread getting started on these Spring cleaning tasks, and yet I remind myself how much better I will feel once it is all accomplished. One main thing I have to remind myself of so I don't procrastinate is there is no rush in doing these things. Because in addition to my spring cleaning chores are my regular everyday chores. So a tip from me to you if you are planning some spring cleaning is pace yourself. One day clean the cabinets in addition to your everyday chores, the next day do the blinds and windows, etc. It's so much easier this way instead of feeling as if you have to accomplish everything in one day. This will inevitably stress you out and thus cause procrastination. There's a lot of helpful tips on the web as well. I found some great sites with great tools and tips:
And here's a great site if you want to customize and print out your own personal Spring Cleaning Checklist:
And here is one of my favorite sites I found:

There are also a LOT of Spring Cleaning challenges going on right now. I have found a few through google. There's TONS of giveaways for those who participate in these challenges. This is what I found from searching google:

I'm sure there are others out there, but I wanted to make sure to share with you readers some of the things going on out there. Just search and find.

Today in addition to my other chores I am tackling Toys and Books! I find that there are so many books (both my husband's, mine, and the boys) and toys that don't get any use. No sense in keeping them and cluttering up the apartment even more so it's time to purge. I can't wait to have everything all ready for the rest of spring and summer. Just remember to take time away to enjoy Springtime because there is just so much outside to enjoy! Here's some of what we have been up to on the nice days:

Covered Bridge Leading to the trails we walked on

The trails along the river

The river beside the trails

Looking off the bridge, capturing the blossoming trees and flowing water

I love these blossoms! These trees are just beautiful!

Reflection of the sky on the water. It looks just like a painting.

We are planning a family picnic which I cannot wait for. This really is the perfect time of year for picnics. Warm temperatures with a cool breeze makes being outside amazing. I will make sure to come back and share pictures. What have you been up to so far this spring? Any spring cleaning goals your setting for yourself? How do you tackle spring cleaning?


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