Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moving's a Hassle

Content by Sol Rosales

Moving is a lot more of a hassle than I imagined it would be, to tell you the truth. I thought it would just be throwing some stuff in boxes and putting them in the truck not this three-week long affair where I had to pack everynight and make sure things were wrapped up tightly and all that. I hated having to rent a moving truck because I think that’s just a silly expense and I’ve been really into looking into all my new utilities and trying to find the best deal. At work the other day I was on www.texaselectricityproviders.com//power-to-choose/Texas/ for about three hours just checking out my options and I still haven’t even decided on a cable provider yet! I think it’s going to be great once I get into the new house but I figure that since all this moving stuff was such a hassle unpacking and things like that are going to be even worse. Who wants to come over and help me next weekend…any takers out there?

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