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When Someone You Love Is Suffering From a Chronic Illness Virtual Book Tour

Glad you could join me today! Today I am participating in the Virtual Book Tour through Nurture Your Books to promote Tamara McClintock Greenberg's book When Someone You Love Has a Chronic Illness.

::My Thoughts::
It can be emotionally, psychologically, and even physically draining when someone you love is diagnosed with a chronic illness. I have been through it 3 major times myself.
My grandmother suffered from cancer and died right before I hit my teen years, my mother in law suffered from cancer and passed away a couple years ago, and now my mother has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and Lupis. It's very taxing on us and we all take different approaches to dealing with our grief and concern. Some of us pray, some push the thoughts away and try to forget about it, and some of us do everything we can to learn about the illness and try to encourage our loved ones to fight it. But the one thing remains that we all have in common: our loved ones still have the illness so it really doesn't change a thing.
The author writes in a very understanding, easy to understand, engaging way. I felt as if I was sitting at the kitchen table sharing a cup of tea with her talking about things. She talks about how to deal with doctors, coping with a loved one's pain, dealing with loss, talking about illness, getting support, addressing denial, post traumatic stress disorder, living longer, among many other topics.
This book was a bit difficult for me to read at times because it doesn't sugar coat anything. Sometimes when we are told the nitty gritty it scares us, but instead of scaring me this book helped me deal with many topics I have struggled with.
When your loved ones are going through an illness your emotions often go misunderstood by others and sometimes yourself. This is a perfect book to help deal with that. We can't change a chronic illness no matter how much we may want to try. What we can do is deal with it as it comes, and support our loved ones.
The author teaches how to care for yourself as well as caring for your loved ones.
Considering that the author, Tamara McClintock Greenburg, is a licensed clinical psychologist makes me trust her insight all the more.
I recommend this book to anyone who has a loved one suffering from a chronic illness. Even the strongest of us who think we need no help or insight on subjects such as this can use a little extra wisdom on the subject. There is even a coping checklist at the end of each chapter which I found to be very helpful.

Published by: Cedar Fort Publishing
Publication Date: February 2012
Recommended Age: Any
Format(s): eBook, Trade Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781599559391
Number of pages: 176

Purchase this book @ Barnes & Noble,,,

To check out the other blog tour links and read their thoughts you can click here

Visit the author's website to learn more
You can also follow Tamara McClintock Greenberg on Facebook, Twitter, PsychCentral, The Huffington Post, and Psychology Today.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Nurture Your Books in exchange for review. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday #18

I have been horrible about keeping up with my Happy Homemaker Mondays, I know. But if your still here reading thanks for sticking with me. I'm going to try to keep it regularly updated, but trying to find time with blogging while have two rowdy youngsters can sometimes be a hit or miss. But without further ado, I'm back so shall we get started?
I made a new button by the way, hope you like it. It feels much more "Fall" than the last one.

::The weather in my part of the world::
Hot and cold as usual for Indiana. Today is pretty comfortable in the mid 70s, but it looks like rain outside. We're expecting cooler temps starting tomorrow down in the 60s. Time to get out the jackets and long sleeves! Brrr.

::On my reading pile::

::On my TV::
Keeping up with the Kardashians (on demand)
Bones (on TV)
Gilmore Girls (on DVD)
Vampire Diaries (on DVD)
That's about it. I am so far none to fascinated with this season's line up. I want my other shows back, but they won't air until winter! LOL

::On the menu for this week’s dinner::
Monday- country fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese
Tuesday- beef pasta, fried potatoes, peas
Wednesday- baked ham, seasoned mashed potatoes, crock pot mac and cheese
Thursday- take out Thursday (probably pizza)
Friday- round eye steak fajitas, white rice, applesauce
Saturday- beef manhattens (a fork/knife meal), corn
Sunday- baked BBQ porkchops, brown rice, broccoli

::Recipe I tried or want to try soon::
I pinned this on my Recipes Board

::Looking around the home::
The windows are all open letting in a soft breeze. The breeze feels just lovely, I have a pumpkin spice scented candle burning on the kitchen table which is making it feel very much like autumn in here, so cozy. I have a laundry basket of folded clothes sitting beside the couch waiting on me to put it away. Some dishes are in the sink calling me to wash them. Floors are actually free of toys (for the moment).

::What I’ve been up to lately::
If you read my post on our family sick weekend, you'll know we have been sick. We are all starting to feel better though.
We're getting ready for the fall season and I've been putting up a few little fall decorations here and there including hanging my autumn wreath on the door that says: "Happy Harvest"
I know it may seem a bit early but it just feels like fall, and it is September after all.
I want to go to Hobby Lobby badly. I'm just itching to get my hands going on some crafts. I have tons of them pinned on Pinterest after all so I want to put some of those pins to good use! :)

::On my to-do list::
Sweep and mop kitchen and bathroom floors
Vacuum rest of apartment
Pick up boys room
Organize my bookshelf
Put away laundry
Wash more laundry


If you wrap the top of bananas as they are on the bundle with saran wrap they will stay fresher longer.

::Something fun to share::
Seen this on's a library Christmas Tree! How awesome is that!?

::Bible Verse/Devotional::
Deuteronomy 31:8 (NIV)
The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

Our weekend summary...

Sorry for my absence lately, we have had one heck of week! I'm so glad I could even get my blog tour post up for Band of Sisters by Cathy Gohlke, but I'm so glad I did because it is seriously an awesome book.

Back to school time is always hectic. The kids have fun, get into their routines and grooves, meet new friends, things slowly start getting back to normal, but then BAM! they get sick!

Monday night Lucas kept complaining that he was cold and tired. I thought uh oh! I checked his temp which was normal and he didn't have goose bumps or anything so I thought maybe he just had such a busy day. I put him to bed. Then on Tuesday after school he was sounding congested, bit of a runny nose, and continuously kept sneezing. My mom alarm went on immediately and I called the pediatrician to consult with them. They assured me that it was probably nothing more than an allergy issue but we made an appointment anyway to come in and get checked the next day, and to go ahead and send him to school.
The next day (Wednesday) add coughing to all the other symptoms. We go to the pediatrician where she doesn't really look at him all that much and says most definitely it's allergies so she calls in some children's Zyrtec.
Then by Thursday Levi was cranking around too, nose running all over the place, and I was sporting a bit of a sore throat myself. Lucas was no better despite the allergy medicine and by Thursday night Lucas and Levi were both running a fever. I had to give them both Tylenol and put them to bed where I checked their temps probably about every 2 hours all through the night and kept making them get up to drink water.
Friday morning hubby woke up with a sore throat, runny nose, cough, fever, etc.
So needless to say we all spent the weekend sick. Total insanity! Usually it moves down the line through us and it's rare we ALL get sick at the SAME time, but in this instance it was the case.
I also found out from several mothers that their children had been sick with the same symptoms and it had moved quickly through their families as well.
But we are all feeling better, we slept so much in fact over the weekend that I am so wide awake I couldn't sleep if I tried! I am just disappointed that we all had to get sick this past weekend! We had it planned to go to the zoo with some good friends of ours, and didn't get to partake. But for sure next time even though it probably won't be this year since it's been getting colder outside.

I've also found a pediatrician that I think/hope we are really going to like. I switched for various reasons though, not just the wrong diagnosis in case you were wondering.

In other news today since I was feeling better I had the sudden urge to change my purse. I am with purses like most women are with shoes. I love purses. I don't have a bunch of them lying around though. In fact every year I get rid of my gently used purses that don't get much use and only hold onto my favorites. Unfortunately this year I haven't got to do much purse buying so my options are rather limited.
I chose a small purse I've had for awhile that hubby got me, but it's so hard to fit a good sized book into!
My one demand about a purse is that it can fit my wallet, a couple diapers, travel size pack of baby wipes, hand sanitizer, my cell phone, and the main ingredient: a BOOK! It fits that stuff but just BARELY and it looks like the zipper is going to bust. haha.

One thing is I cannot believe how much junk I had in my wallet and other purse! (Yeah I cleaned my wallet out too) I had receipts and coupons from LAST YEAR in my wallet, and in my purse wasn't much better. While the stuff in my purse wasn't as old as the stuff in my wallet I still found some horrifying things. A broken hair tie, an empty cracker pack, old receipts from like 3 months ago, empty gum wrappers, etc. It was just insane. I was utterly disgusted! How in the world I let it get like that I don't know.

I'm always in a rush and usually my purse is the easiest quickest place to stash whatever I need out of my hands right then so I can grab a hold of my kids who are probably trying to get into something at that same moment. Immediately receipts get stashed in my purse or wallet, gum wrappers get thrust in there because we aren't by a trash can to throw it away, etc. It's really no excuse, but I'm sticking with those just in case. ;)

But even though this purse is a bit of a tight fit I'm still happy with it. It fills my needs for now and at least gives me a change in accessories. :)

That pretty much sums up our weekend. Since we are all feeling better with only tiny lingering symptoms, tomorrow it's back to the daily grind. Work, school, housework, cooking, cleaning (which never stops no matter what unfortunately), etc.
So off I go to read a bit before bed. I'll have to try to make myself go to sleep sooner or later otherwise I will regret it in the morning. :)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Band of Sisters Book Review/Blog Tour

Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers (Aug 17, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1414353081
ISBN-13: 978- 1414353081

::From the back of the book::
New York City, 1910
Driven by a shameful past and a perilous future, Maureen O'Reilly and her younger sister flee Ireland in hope of claiming the life promised to their father over twenty years before. After surviving the rigors of Ellis Island, Maureen learns that their benefactor, Colonel Wakefield, has died. His family, refusing to own his Civil War debt, casts her out. Alone, impoverished, and in danger of deportation, Maureen connives to obtain employment in a prominent department store. But she soon discovers that the elegant facade hides a secret that threatens every vulnerable woman in the city.

Despite her family's disapproval, Olivia Wakefield determines to honor her father's debt but can't find Maureen. unexpected help comes from a local businessman, whom Olivia begins to see as more than an ally, even as she fears the secrets he's hiding. As women begin disappearing from the store, Olivia rallies influential ladies in her circle to help Maureen take a stand against injustice and fight for the lives of their growing band of sisters. But can either woman open her heart to divine leading or the love it might bring?

::My Thoughts::
This is one page turning book that I just could not put down! I was kept interested from start to finish, and my heart ached for Maureen. The author's writing style has you feeling as if you are inside the book watching everything unfold before your very eyes.
There are no small characters in this novel if you ask me. All the characters are heart-warming, or have some interesting back story that you can't help but to find yourself yearning for.
Katie Rose I often found too spoiled and shallow at times, but even she had her moments in the novel.
This is definitely not some weekend read as this book is very intense, and uplifting. It's heart-breaking, humorous, heart-warming, uplifting, and encouraging.
Olivia, whom is also one of the main characters, was very strong willed and her determination had me admiring her. Not caring what anyone else thought she stuck to her guns in following in Jesus's steps and trying to make the world a better place.
In case you don't already know for the summary on the back of this book, it is all about human trafficking. The historical setting really gives you a background on the history of prostitution and trafficking considering back then it was often times the only way of means for a young girl, particularly immigrants. Women were coerced, forced, and sometimes destitute and had no choice but to choose a life of prostitution. Even though we have come a long way in the years since then human trafficking is still an issue that we sometimes overlook. I for one didn't realize myself how serious an issue that human trafficking and sexual slavery is in our modern days. But now that light is shed on this issue I want to see it stopped. Below I've listed some links you can visit if you so wish to take a part in this very serious issue.
But above all else the reason why I loved this novel so is the power of God within it's pages.
Maureen was dealt such a hard life she assumed that God and faith wasn't for her. Even though it was heart breaking at times, Maureen had given up all hope that there was a great almighty looking out for her and helping her find the right path. Her stubbornness in the novel made me angry at times, but it turned out to be all on the road to finding her way.
This is definitely not a predictable read, nor is it drawn out. This book is well researched and truthfully honest. It doesn't sugar coat anything, and yet is not at all vulgar. It's one of those reads where even if your tired you say: "Just one more chapter and then I'm done". It's a very moving novel, and one you won't easily forget.
This book is definitely finding a place on my favorites shelf, and I have found a new favorite author as well.

To find out more information on human trafficking you can visit this page:
There is a whole slew of photos relating to Band of Sisters, information on how you can help fight against human trafficking, discussion guide, and you can even read an excerpt from the book.

To do your part in ending human trafficking and sex slavery educate yourself and find out what you can do at the following links:

You can read more about Cathy Gohlke, Band of Sisters, and more of her novels by clicking HERE.

And as an added little bonus for you readers Cathy Gohlke has answered some questions to share with us all:

How does your faith impact your writing?
My faith is part and parcel of all I do.  While writing my first novel I learned that
I cannot divide the heart God knit inside me, cannot separate what I write from how I live
in response to Him.
That’s when I began praying, not just that the Lord would lay on my heart a
“story,” but that He would lay on my heart His “purpose,” and a story to illuminate that
purpose.  Later I understood that “purpose” is what is known in writing circles as a
“strong moral premise.”

What motivated you to write Band of Sisters?
I’ve always been fascinated by the abolition of slavery and the civil rights
movement.  But I was horrified to learn that there are more than twice as many men,
women and children enslaved today than at the height of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
This book was born of a passion to end modern-day slavery, and most of all, to ask,
“What can I do to help in a need so desperate?”

Issues of sex slavery and human trafficking are foreign to most of us and 
uncomfortable to discuss.  How can Christians respond?  
By speaking for those who have no voice.  These are among the poor and needy
of our day, in many cases the orphans that Jesus commanded us to care for.
We must remember that the discomfort is ours, and the desperate need is theirs.
Being a Christian, a Christ follower, isn’t easy in a fallen world.  Doing what Jesus did
wasn’t easy or comfortable.  He confronted demons and hypocrites.  He stood against
people who cared more about the monetary value of their livestock than they did about
freeing one human being from demonic possession.
Jesus ate with “publicans and sinners” to the ruin of His reputation.  Just as He is
our example in loving one another and in protecting innocent young children, so He is
our example in setting captives free, in loosening cords that bind, in rescuing women and
children from prostitution, men from slavery.
In many countries of the world Christians pay with their lives for standing up for
their faith and/or for protecting others.  I’ve heard it said that only in America do we
expect it to be easy to be a Christian.  Talking about things that are uncomfortable to our
sensibilities don’t seem so hard in comparison to the challenges our brothers and sisters
in Christ face the world over.

This book is available in   Paperback   Kindle   Nook

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book for review purposes from Tyndale House as part of this blog tour. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Call Of A Coward book review

  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson; Reprint edition (August 7, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0849947308
  • ISBN-13: 978-0849947308

::From the back of the book::
Moses never wanted to be a leader. Jonah ran away from his missions call. And when Marcia Moston's husband came home with a call to foreign missions, she was sure God had the wrong number. His call conflicted with her own dreams, demanded credentials she didn't have, and required courage she couldn't seem to find. She promised to follow where God led, but she never thought the road would lead to a Mayan village on a Guatemalan mountainside.
From the treacherous road trip to their new village home, to learning to navigate a new culture, to a stateside mission field in Vermont, Moston's journey reveals that God leads just as clearly today as he did in biblical times. Her candid account tells a story of learning to trust and obey when faithfulness seems foolish.
Written with humor and insight, Call of a Coward is an engaging reminder that with our very real God in control, cowards become courageous and ordinary people find great purpose.

::My thoughts::
This book amazed me! Those are really the best words I can say to describe the impression this book left upon me. Not only is this memoir so well written that you will feel as if you are on the journey with Marcia, but you will feel closer to God. I laughed aloud, I was speechless, and I was just downright impressed. This is one Christian memoir that I won't soon be forgetting. It's so easy for us to follow the road we have planned, but what if you followed the road God planned? Just throw caution to the wind, and follow wherever he leads you no matter what. Marcia, as a pastor's wife, did just that and went along with her family to several different places God led them. They took themselves out of the comfort zone that we are so used to, and by reading this book they will challenge you to do the same! This book is completely honest, and very unpredictable. This is one brave family, but one that I can't help but to admire.
Sometimes, as Christians, we can do all we can to help our church, loved ones, those in need, etc. But what if one day suddenly all that your doing as a Christian just isn't good enough and you find yourself being called to do more? That's exactly what happens to Marcia the housewife who finds herself ripped away from all that she's known and called to carry out God's missions.
During her journey she only becomes closer to God, and finds a deeper love with Him than ever she thought possible. By trusting Him through all the rough and tumble times she finally found her true calling. Through the hard and easy times God was there, and she never gave up on Him.
Now I will forewarn you that this novel is not all about Guatemala, as the family is also led on other various missions, but just the same it is never dull.
Call of a Coward is the perfect title for this book. We are all afraid to take ourselves out of our comfort zones, lay our entire lives in God's hands, and just follow wherever he leads us. But this is one family that courageously followed His journey for them.
Marcia writes in such depth that once you start reading, there is no going back. I recommend this to anyone who loves memoirs, or even Christian novels. You will fall in love with this family and find yourself admiring Marcia with all the admiration you have. You may also find yourself more deeply rooted in your faith after reading this novel. I sure did, and I have to admit that I have never read such a memoir quite as this. Definitely one of my new favorites.

I rated this book 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon

This book is available in   Paperback   Kindle   Nook

DISCLAIMER: I was provided this book for free through Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review. Opinions expressed are mine alone.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Short Straw Bride book review

::From the back of the book::
No one steps on Archer land. Not if they value their life. But when Meredith Hayes overhears a lethal plot to burn the Archer brothers off their ranch, a twelve-year-old debt compels her to take the risk.

Fourteen years of constant vigilance hardens a man. Yet when Travis Archer confronts a female trespasser with the same vivid blue eyes as the courageous young girl he once aided, he can't bring himself to send her away. And when an act of sacrifice leaves her injured and her reputation in shreds, gratitude and guilt send him riding to her rescue once again.

Four brothers. Four straws. One bride. Despite the fact that Travis is no longer the gallant youth Meredith once dreamed about, she determines to stand by his side against the enemy that threatens them both. But will love ever be hers? Or will Travis always see her merely as a short-straw bride?

::My Thoughts::
The best way I can describe this book is it is kind of a historical fairy tale of sorts. It was a very enjoyable read, and very well written.
The book was a bit predictable towards the end, but not unpleasantly so. You will find yourself so charmed with the plot and characters that you really won't even notice. There are so many parts especially in the beginning that are unpredictable enough to keep your finger twitching to turn the page and find out what will happen next.
I found myself falling in love with all of the Archer's, and Meredith especially. She is so sweet and she holds such great faith in the Lord. There are points where she does follow her own direction, but she always catches herself and rights herself with the Lord. Her faith and perseverance is very inspiring. But don't by far let me make you believe she is a pushover because aside from her never ending faith she is a spitfire who sticks to her guns and does whatever she believes is the right thing to do. Even due to her unfortunate circumstances she isn't a character who whines and complains, but takes things with a determination that could make anyone admire her character.
This book had me sighing wistfully. It's kind of an historical version of the poor princess stuck with a family that doesn't value her rescued by the ever protecting handsome prince.
I loved this novel, and aside from Meredith and Travis you will find yourself on the edge of your seat wanting to learn all about the other characters in this book. It seemed like every character has an interesting back story so only time will tell where they will lead. I for one sure can't wait to find out.
Highly recommendable.

Enjoy this short clip that will give you some more insight on Short Straw Bride::

You can find my review on Goodreads and Amazon

I rated this book 5 stars

This book is available in Paperback   Kindle   Nook    

::Other book info::

  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; 1 edition (June 1, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0764209655
  • ISBN-13: 978-0764209659

DISCLAIMER: I was provided this book for free through Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review. Opinions expressed are mine alone.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last week was my son's first week of preschool. He goes 4 days a week, and it took everything I had not to bawl like a baby.
I have mixed feelings about school starting back up.

On the one hand we get back to our normal routines and schedules which makes things run so much smoother. It seems like everyone and everything runs smoother during the school year because we all adjust to our schedules a lot better. Maybe it's because as humans we secretly crave routines and schedules...who knows.

It's bittersweet to watch our children grow up isn't it? Lucas is already 4 and in preschool, Levi is almost 2 years old and he is so independent already. What happened to those little babies fresh out of our belly's who needed us to help them with their every need? I am so proud of how much they have learned, and I love watching them grow up into the good little gentleman they are fast becoming. At the same time though I just want to swaddle them in blankets again, hold them close, and rock them. LOL
Maybe I'm crazy, but it is so hard to let go.
On the first day of school last week I fully expected Lucas to beg me to stay, not leave him, etc. The complete opposite happened. I could tell he was a little nervous because he kept twisting the back of his shirt, but as soon as the other kids asked if he would like to join them in reading he left me in the dust. He barely had enough time for me to give him a kiss and hug. I walked out of there holding back my tears like a big baby while my little boy played so nicely with all the others and barely gave me a goodbye glance. LOL
But part of life. I'm sure I will go through this every single year.

I have a lot planned this week. I have a few book reviews coming up, one part of a blog tour which you won't want to miss. It's a blog tour for Band of Sisters by Cathy Gohlke. She will be answering some questions, and there will be much info about the book. Not to mention that this is one fantastic book.

The tour date is schedule for Mommy's Musings September 13th which is this coming Thursday. I hope to see you here then!

Tonight hubby is going to play with the kids and give me an hour to myself. I'm eager for a hot bath, good reading, and then to join them before bedtime. The boys love the game whack-a-mole. It's so fun for their age group, and I'll admit it has us in hysterics most every time we play it. It's funny us all trying to remember our sounds and whack the mole. haha. If you have youngsters I think they would really enjoy it. Here's a look at the game:
You can find it at walmart or almost any department store. It lights up and each player listens for their distinct sound and has to whack that mole that lights up while playing their sound. Lots of fun for the whole family, and easy enough for young ones.

Anyway, I have a roast that's almost done, and I need to make some cornbread to go with it. I'm hoping for an early night tonight since tomorrow is going to be busy. We have shopping to do for school uniforms (it has been hard trying to find them in his size and he still needs more), errands to run, a birthday party to attend, and so much more. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I feel like I've been stuck in a tornado!

Oh my has it been crazy. I feel like I've been stuck in a tornado unable to climb out and just hanging on for dear life. It has been a crazy couple of weeks!

Of course you know we moved with school right around the corner. Let's just say I never want to move during that time frame again. Pure craziness I tell ya!
You all have heard me ranting before about our local school system and how they had my son's school year all messed up? Well they've done it again. Seriously 3 days before school is suppose to start we get a call stating that they cancelled Pre-K classes at the school we thought he was attending so all the students and their teachers would be transferring to a different school! Oh my goodness! I was not pleased. Especially since the school they placed him in is pretty far away. To them it's no big deal because there is a bus route, but I don't like putting him on the bus just yet. I'm one of those mothers that likes to take her child to school and pick them up afterwards. It's just how I am.
Then there was the new open house which in itself was crazy busy with tons of confused parents (myself and hubby included) who had no idea what was going on. The teachers seemed a bit frazzled and surprised themselves, but I will commend them on getting their classrooms ready in such a short amount of time. It was all very cute and organized! And I loved his teachers. There is a teacher and a teacher's assistant and they were wonderful with all the kids. Who knew that my kids were each born during a baby boom? That's why they had to move all the students because there are so many preschoolers now they had to put most all of them in one school. In our town there are even waiting lists for preschool! Goodness!
But back to the teachers, I really liked them. I was worried because last year when Lucas had speech class his teachers were so incredible that I worried we wouldn't get teachers as nice and good with him. I have to say he is lucky indeed I really loved his new teachers and he does also.
He is in class as we recess...not that I keep glancing at his schedule every hour or so. I of course wouldn't do that. Oh wait...I would. LOL
Levi has been super cranky lately. He is teething which is never fun for anyone. Especially him (and me). He is almost impossible to please and throws down everything we offer him to help with the pain. I give him baby Tylenol when especially needed, but I try to use other methods to ease the pain because I'm not a big fan of any kind of medicine unless absolutely necessary. I go the ice Popsicle route. You can make them yourself and if they drip or spill it isn't a big deal since it's just water. He is 18 months old though so he does well with eating them. I wouldn't recommend them to small babies. For that those baby teethers you can freeze are best to use. Unfortunately he won't take those anymore, and since he has lots of other teeth I'm afraid he'll bite through them. Wouldn't that be my luck? You know these popsicles?
Once the sweet stuff has been eaten out of them, you can rinse the plastic inside and out and refill them with water and refreeze. These work well for on the go, or just a cool treat when it gets hot out. You can use kool-aid to refill them as well. I usually just use water because it doesn't stain and no sugar. I only re-use them once, but it works great for us since both the boys know how to eat out of them. Lucas likes them on hot days. Just another little tip/trick from me to you.

Anyway I'm sure you have noticed that my blog look has changed. Undoubtedly it will change again because I'm going to be messing with some new templates over the next week or so before finally settling on one. Hope that's okay and if your having trouble viewing please don't hesitate to let me know immediately so I can remedy that.
I'm looking forward to blogging again. I've missed it so much. It seems like one thing after another has happened and I have missed you all, and my blog.
I'm especially looking forward to this fall season and getting out the fall decorations. Fall is my favorite season. Then comes spring, summer, and winter. When do you start decorating for fall?

Okay, it's now 5:33pm EST. Sometimes it takes me forever to write one simple blog post since duty is always calling. But I wouldn't have it any other way to be honest. I love being a mother and wife. I'm going to end this now and get it posted though as I picked Lucas up from school (he had a great day) and get dinner going and baths done.
Can't wait to talk to you all again soon! And hopefully later I'll get to visit everyone. Looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to!


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