Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sausage Stew Recipe

Okay, I said I'd share my sausage stew recipe so here it is.
Mind you, I can't take any more pictures with my camera until I buy a new memory card. I love taking pictures, and all my cards are FULL. lol. So I used my cell phone camera. The lighting on it is not what it should be so hopefully you'll bear with me. If the pics are just way out of wack I will re-post this recipe probably later this month. As this is one of our family's favorite dishes we make it quite often.


Things you'll need:
1) Potato Peeler
2) Cutting Board
3) Knife
4) Large cooking pot
5) Slotted spoon

6) 5 large potatoes
7) 1 lb fresh green beans
8) 1 Bag Fresh Baby carrots
9) Pack of 2 long smoked sausage (we usually just get the Great Value kind at Kroger, for generic it has great flavor)

1. Fill your pot a little over half full, then put it on to boil.

2. Take your baby carrots...

...and rinse them off.
Then place them in the pot of boiling water.

3. Take your fresh green beans...

...and snap the ends off, then snap the beans in 2 and place them in a strainer. Make sure to rinse them well. Add them to the pot of boiling water along with the carrots.

You'll want to let the green beans and carrots boil for awhile until they start getting soft. These take the longest so before you add your potatoes you will want to make sure you can stick a fork through them and they aren't crunchy anymore.

While you wait you can prepare your potatoes...
3. Peel the potatoes...unless of course you want to leave the skin on. We've had them both ways although my son likes them peeled better.
4. Then cut the potatoes in half, and cut the potatoes into bigger dices.
5. Rinse them well, and when the carrots and green beans are soft add in the potatoes.

6. Next take your sausage...

Slice the sausage, and then add it in the pot as well with the rest of the ingredients.

Let boil until the potatoes are soft also. Be sort of careful because if you let it boil too long you'll end up with sort of mashed potatoes. lol. They usually take about 20 minutes to boil on medium/high heat. But each stove is different so you will have to keep checking on it.

Once done you can serve with rolls or garlic bread. Both go along wonderfully with this meal.
Hope you enjoy...

You can tweak this meal however you like. One of my readers used canned carrots, canned green beans, and canned potatoes with smoke sausage links in the mix. I have also tried this, and while it was still good I do prefer our method with fresh veggies.
It's a great cheap yet filling meal if your on a budget, and it's also a quick fix since there isn't much to it. You can season it to taste. My family likes this dish plain, but when I can get by with it I love to sprinkle on some salt, pepper, and some parsley. Makes it even better!

And again I will be reposting this at a later time in the month with better pictures. I'm in a bit of a rush today, but I promised a certain reader who sent me an email, requesting that I put this recipe up that I would. Shout outs go to all my readers, and to Tina M. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading! Hope to see you back soon, and God Bless!

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