Monday, August 22, 2011

Time for some Frugal Pampering

I don't know about the rest of you momma's out there, but our budget is often tight. I have two small boys, and there is always things on our shopping list. We try to always do something fun as a family at least once every couple weeks that gets us out of the house, but with all the necessities plus that it leaves very little extra for things that most women often get to buy for pampering purposes. That's why I was quite excited when I was blog hopping randomly the other morning and came across this great website:

8 Ways To Recycle Fruit and Basic Household Items Into Beauty Products

I admit at first I was a bit skeptical about this because I was afraid that I might break out, it would leave my skin sticky (which I can't stand to be sticky), etc. But I decided to go ahead and give it a try anyway. They are items that most of us already have in our house, and it makes them even more useful so why not? I do buy some things such as facial cleanser, and every now and then I will buy facial scrub. Every great once in awhile I will buy a facial mask to pamper myself with on special occasions like my birthday, mother's day, or tax time. LOL

Anyway I tried the Honey Facial and the Refreshing Facial Spray and I loved them.

The Honey Facial
Just apply clear honey to freshly washed skin and leave it on for an hour. Rinse off with warm water and feel how clean and soft your skin has become.

My skin was super soft. It was a bit gooey admittedly to rinse it off, but I kept up with it, and it didn't leave my skin feeling sticky or anything after getting it all off. Although let me recommend to make sure you put your hair back while applying this one as well as pinning back any fly-a-way hairs so it doesn't stick in the honey.

The Refreshing Facial Spray
There is really no need to buy expensive facial spray bottles and liquids. Instead, use a simple plastic spray bottle, well washed of course, such as a plant spray or cleaning product spray bottle, filled with ordinary mineral water. This acts as a real skin toner and refresher, as well as fixing make up nicely. Recycle the bottle and save money.

I have a few spray bottles under my kitchen cabinet that have never had anything in them. I buy them up for cleaner or to fill with water to spray plants with. You can get these for like a dollar at most dollar stores as well as Walmart. I DO NOT recommend re-using a spray bottle that had chemical cleaner in it because that can seriously break you out and probably cause eye damage if it got into your eyes so make sure it's an empty bottle that has never had anything in it harsher than water.
Anyway I tweaked this one a little bit and here's what I did:
1) Fill an empty spray bottle with mineral water
2) Dice up about half a cucumber and put into the spray bottle
3) Shake up, let settle, then spritz your face
It really did feel refreshing and even a few hours after doing this my face STILL felt refreshed.

I look forward to trying the other's mentioned on the website. It's a really great way to make use of stuff without having to throw it away, it's a frugal way to pamper yourself, and it's very imaginative as well.


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