Saturday, November 3, 2012

Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday #4

It is freezing outside today! I'm glad we don't have anywhere to go and we are staying in the whole day! I have lots of chores to catch up on, and some movies for us to watch that are due back to the library on Monday. I still have this horrible cough, but my voice is slowly coming back and I can feel the cough breaking up.
I'm so excited this is November despite the fact that it's going to be cold. I love this time of year even though I complain about the cold. It's the time for holidays, cozy indoors, and so much is going to be happening over the next couple of months.
Lucas turns 5, it's the time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we get our fur baby (I can't wait to post pics of him), and it's just going to be an all around great end of the year I hope.
Hubby is going to be working a lot this month though so it's going to be rough without him and the children are going to miss him. He is working every day this week besides Friday (which is Lucas's birthday) so we aren't going to see much of him. He leaves hours before the kids are up in the morning and he doesn't get home until they are going to bed. At least he gets to tell them goodnight though, I am thankful for that. But I'm pretty sure they are coming down with something because they've both had the sniffles, coughs, and have been sort of clingy. Of course the mommy side of me is saying: "They are for sure getting sick" but I have an optimistic side hoping that it's just due to the weather change. But who am I kidding? I already know what's around the corner.
But anyway today is Saturday so it's time for Songs That Make Us Sing Saturdays. If you want to participate you can just go on over to:

Songs That Make Us Sing


Here's my song of the week:
Psy - Gangnam Style

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE this song! I do. Really.

    Thanks for linking up!! See you next week...


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