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Flushy, Trashy, Sinky Review & Giveaway

I had a really great opportunity to review products for Natural House, which makes natural household cleaning products. They make products that are phosphate/APE-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. Their products have a probiotic feature which not only cleans at first spray but will continue cleaning for a week! It is completely safe for children, pets, anyone to be around. Here’s some of the products I tried, what they do, and what I thought of them::

Flushy:: Just place a tablet in your toilet bowl and watch it foam. The smell is instantaneous and you can smell the odor difference as soon as the foaming begins. After letting it foam you simply take your toilet brush and scrub your toilet bowl like normal. Flushy’s foaming action and probiotics will not only clear away that nasty toilet bowl odor, but will cut through stains, hard water rings, rust streaks, etc. It‘s safe for septic tanks and will break down waste. After it has foamed and turned your toilet water a blue color you just flush it down and then it starts working clearing out your pipes.
The fact that this is natural, non-toxic, and harmless is a huge bonus for us. I have two small children and let’s just say we have had our toilet incidents from them sticking their hands in or throwing toys in there. I can finally feel at ease knowing that I have not only found a toilet bowl cleaner that cleans well and is safe, but also something that only requires treatment once a week.

Trashy:: Just spray Trashy into your garbage can, let it sit for a minute, and wipe it clean. You can also just spray it in your trash can as a deodorizer, but either way Trashy will make all the difference. Trashy will make wiping away those stuck on nasty stains a breeze, and the trash can odor that often clings to our trash cans no matter what will disappear. You can use it in any indoor or outdoor garbage can, as well as diaper pails, etc. It naturally digest odors at their source. I loved the fresh botanical scent it leaves behind and with two small boys and a messy husband this came as quite the blessing to me. Particularly when it comes to my bathroom trash can, and our diaper pail.

Sinky:: I was most blown away by this product in particular. I have been having the most awful time with my drains lately. They just do not seem to want to go down including my garbage disposal. It has become such a pain that me and my husband joked about buying a “sink plunger”. I popped a tablet on the sink side and the garbage disposal side, followed the directions on the back of the bag and watched Sinky immediately make the difference. I noticed was the garbage disposal and sink drain had taken on an unpleasant smell and that was immediately eradicated after popping a sinky in each side. It immediately created a botanical scent that was pleasing. Then the next morning when I went to wash our breakfast dishes I had no problems at all with the drains going down. Plus no more odor! Sinky breaks down all that pesky food waste, grease, and grime and prevents clogs and slow drains. And I only have to drop a tablet in the drain once a week! Convenient and easy.

Here’s a little video that will explain a bit more about the products in general. It’s actually a really fun video, and even my kids were intrigued by it. So if you have some rowdy ones contending for your attention right now pull them up and let them watch also.

We all want to go green. Since I have two young boys who get into just about everything I am trying to go completely green in my household. The problem is finding green products that work. I’m glad I don’t have to guess about these products. I was blown away in general by these Natural House Products. Usually I am highly skeptical when it comes to cleaners, but through Natural House I really learned a lot. Like did you know that other cleaners only keep things clean for a few seconds and as soon as you remove your rag and stop wiping germs immediately settle and reinfects the surface? With Natural House their probiotic action cleaners continuously clean the area even when you aren’t. It has saved me a tremendous amount of time, and as all you mother’s out there know our time is very valuable. Plus the names of the products are not only fun, but very self explanatory.

If you want to purchase Natural House Products you can do so directly from their WEBSITE by clicking the link below::


You can purchase them on Amazon, which is especially nice if you are an amazon prime member as you will receive free shipping, by clicking the link below::

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If you liked what you read and seen on here and are interested in giving Natural House Products a try they are giving the readers of Mommy's Musings the chance to win your very own 30 day supply of Flushy, Trashy, or Sinky! 

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 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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