Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Homemaker #2

Happy Homemaker Monday #2

Sorry this is so late in the day! I feel terrible, but hopefully since it is before midnight it still counts. ;) We had some things come up today that needed immediate attention, and weren't home for long. I wanted to squeeze this in though, and please feel free to still link up below as others may still want to see your Happy Homemaker Monday even if it is later in the week.

The weather::
The weather lately has been so up and down. It will be sunny and warm one day and cloudy and chilly the next. We have some colder temperatures coming up so I may have to keep out our winter coats just a bit longer. Here's a peek at our weather forecast for this week-

On my reading pile::
The Fault in Our Stars by: John Green
How We Love Our Kids by: Milan Yerkovich
Eyes of Justice by: Lis Wiehl
Opal Moon by: Kiana Sim

On my TV::
House Hunters
re-runs of Cupcake Wars
re-runs of Kitchen Nightmares

On the menu for this week's dinner::
Monday- fried chicken, mashed potatoes, boiled baby carrots
Tuesday- chicken noodle soup, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and rolls
Wednesday- sausage stew (smoked sausage, carrots, potatoes, green beans), and crescent rolls
Thursday- Spaghetti / dessert- homemade chocolate marshmallow brownies
Friday- Salisbury Steaks, macaroni & cheese shells, peas
Saturday- Pizza (grocery shopping day)

On my to-do list::
Cleaning out closets
Going through winter/summer clothes
Purging more toys the children have outgrown
Take some old print books of mine to a local bookstore to trade in for new ones.
Usual daily household chores.

My projects::
Crocheting a dishcloth
Sewing some torn buttons off some of our shirts since all they need to be fixed are new buttons
Making a new personalized potty chart with my 4 year old
Turning some old baby lotion bottles into "cell phone charger holders" (see below on something fun to share)

The kiddos::
Lucas has been doing wonderfully with speech lately and has truly began to recognize letters and numbers. He knows the whole alphabet, but now can tell me any letter he sees and even read 3 lettered words such as cat, dog, etc. He can count from 1-20 or backwards from 10-0.
Levi ended up getting an ear infection and has been on antibiotics, but he is doing much better now. He is stumbling all over the place while he tries to control his walking. He gets so excited he sometimes gets a bit ahead of himself. He is learning many words such as dog, drink, bath, etc. :)

From the camera::

Looking off the bridge onto the river at one of our local park trails. Beautiful.
I can't wait to re-take this picture when all the trees and flowers have fully
blossomed again. :)

Something fun to share::

Found this on pinterest at this url:
There's a website at the bottom right hand corner also that says
What a great way to use those empty lotion bottles and repurpose them to make your life easier
and with less clutter!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

I found Happy Homemaker Monday's from Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. Her blog is fantastic and she just seems to be a really spectacular woman. If you have a blog and would like to join in on Happy Homemaker Monday's just add your name to the linky here, on Sandra's blog, or both. :)

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