Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just a lil update...

since I won't really get to post a lot this week.

Our apartment is currently covered in these:
They are everywhere and I'm starting to dream of living in a house made of boxes. I feel bombarded by them, unsettled. I like having everything homey, unpacked, comfortable, etc.

And I can't wait to get moved and unpacked. There have been a few hurdles to jump over which actually halted our packing process. The two full days we were going to devote to packing ended up being filled with errands and issues to take care of.
For one thing the fridge in our new apartment went out. Luckily we got the apartment early so we could clean and stuff.
We had to wait for maintenance to take a look at it to determine if it could be fixed or if we needed a new one. Finally they determined we need a new one (thank goodness! Sorry I'm just excited to get a brand new fridge put in the apartment). But we had to continuously run back and forth to the new complex to make sure they got the problem addressed as soon as possible since we are moving in a couple of days.
That's the bad thing about apartment complexes is sometimes you have to remind them of things so they will get on the ball. This doesn't mean they are a bad place to live or that they don't address the residents needs, it just means that there are a LOT of residents and they are dealing with a LOT of things at once. So of course it's easy to let things slip or stick something on the back burner even when you don't realize it.

So then there was a leak in the apartment which leaked and got all over carpet in our bedroom. They had to pull up all the carpet, fix the leak (which was behind the wall in the closet), use a heater to dry everything up, and now they are suppose to be putting new carpet in the bedroom. This happened the day we went there to clean, so we couldn't clean and had to leave.

Now there is an issue with the cable company not wanting to switch our cable/internet until we pay another deposit. Well I already paid a deposit so there shouldn't be another one. So I'm waiting to hear back on that. I made multiple trips to the cable company to try to figure out why the computer system would say I need to pay a second deposit? Haven't heard back yet, but I hope to SOON. I'm probably going to nag them until they get it all worked out, but I know no other way to go about it.

Then today I have been trying to get a hold of the school to find out when the preschool open house is. We went to the wrong open house, and our city is delaying preschool this year which also delays the open house. So the last open house we attended wasn't for us and we ended up wasting a trip. I received a notice for the first day of preschool along with teacher's name, but did not receive the preschool open house announcement. (and they did say there would be a separate open house for preschool when we went to the other open house for kindergarten and up. we were told to be on the lookout in the mail for our announcement date). Of course there has been no response just yet so I'm going to try my luck calling again tomorrow and if that doesn't work either I guess I'll have to make another trip to the main office Monday. Bright side: (at least by then we'll be moved)

Since we got such a head start on packing there isn't really ALL that much to do, but there is still quite a bit, and I have to admit it's a bit daunting. I am not looking forward to it and I'm procrastinating. I will just go ahead and admit it.

Then common sense kicks in and tells me if I don't get a move on I will just suffer the consequences on moving day and then I get my butt in gear. I definitely don't want to be up all night the night before trying to get things packed or try to get them all packed up the morning of. Yikes, the thought sends me into a panic.

So anyway I took a short break and decided while I was on "break" I could go ahead and give you all an update on what is going on. Here we are, even though I have to get back to work and regular chores feel free to help yourself to the freshly baked banana muffins we made. (I had to do something while procrastinating after all. LOL) I have juice, water, tea, milk, etc if you get thirsty.

I'm not sure how much time I will have to actually be online this week or over the weekend. Especially since we aren't even sure what is up with the cable company. I'm also hoping that they get a fridge in by the time we start moving all our stuff in, and hopefully there are no issues with it. I'm trying not to stress, whatever will be will be. I can't fight things I have no control over. It won't help my stress levels at all. I just have to let be and let God. I'm putting it all in God's hands and I'm just going to have to have faith.
Which if your anything like me is easier said than done. I like to be in the drivers seat, I like to be in control, I like to "fix" things when they go wrong. But what I am learning slowly but surely, is we can't always be in control. It's hard for me, but sometimes we just have to have faith. Doesn't mean by having faith that nothing will go wrong, but when things go wrong we just have to deal and keep faith rather than work ourselves into a frenzy.
So that's what I'm doing (or trying to), take it step by step.

I'm sorry if I haven't been around to follow or comment lately, I promise I will catch up no later than next week. I have missed everyone definitely. So until next time...


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