Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Oh my, the relief is pouring out of me! LOL. I'm so giddy I could just squeal. son has been placed in preschool. I decided to make another call to the woman in charge of school placement at the main school office. Finally she answered her phone, and we began the same old dance.
She kept telling me there was no record of my son in the school database, and that the only record they have is of him attending speech therapy classes which he will continue this year.
I told her again that in addition to his speech classes he is suppose to attend preschool this year as well, and how we even got a paper to prove he had been accepted.
Then she kept telling me about how they would need to assemble a meeting to find out what was going on, how it could take some time, etc.
I told her, again, I would like to explain the whole process of how we enrolled him in case that would give her a better idea of our situation. I calmly told her that this was very important to us, and I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to make sure things are understood and taken care of.
(I will admit the whole time I said this I was trying not to grind my teeth together, that's how frustrated I was becoming)

To my surprise she allowed me to explain the process.
I told her how we went to the school enrollment at the end of the year, they tested Lucas in the preschool rooms (colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc), reviewed his speech therapy progress, and how we filled out numerous amounts of paperwork (seriously how many forms do you have to have to write your address on and such). Then how the nurse made more copies of his shot record, and everything checked fine.
Then I proceeded to tell her how a couple weeks after enrollment we received a congratulatory paper saying our child had been accepted into preschool and to await further information on his placement, etc. The paper said if there was any delay in his placement to contact the main school office.

She listened and finally asked if she could put me hold.

After awhile of being on hold she comes back on the line with a sigh. I'm hoping it's a sigh of relief so I hold my breath praying.
"We found the problem. Your son has been placed in Title 1 preschool which is not in this office. Thus explaining why we have no record of him" she said.
I'm relieved he has been placed, but still my frustration is lingering. Why couldn't someone have told me this before? Why has it taken this long?
"Well can I talk to someone from that office? I haven't received any paperwork at all" I said.
Happily she transferred me. I am betting that during this process she was probably jumping up and down on the other line happy to be rid of this situation that was frustrating us both.

I'm transferred and in a better mood since Lucas has at least been placed in preschool. I talk to the new lady in charge who pulled up his records immediately and was very understanding at the situation. Isn't it great how when someone is polite, understanding, and pleasant it can just brighten everything?
She said the paperwork had been delayed for all students, and that all of preschool will be delayed this year in our town. The school he will be attending is suppose to stay the same, but they aren't 100% on that due to district changes. But she assured we would get our paperwork very soon.

She said he was placed in Title 1 preschool so he can continue with his general education classes as well as his speech therapy classes normally without it interrupting class. He will go to pre-k classes 3 times a week instead of 4 since he will have speech class 1 day a week. This way he can proceed normally with the other children and still attend regular pre-k classes. Then I was delightfully informed that if he continues so well in his speech progress and maintains a high learning ability he has the opportunity to be skipped ahead a grade if need be to keep him challenged. There were apparently some notes in his report that he was breezing through work for his age level so additional worksheets may be sent home to keep him a bit more challenged until that time comes. Right now I just want him to enjoy being around his peers, loving school, and just being a kid. Time just goes so quickly. In the future if he wants to move up a grade we will discuss it then, but right now I just want him to take his time and enjoy.

So now me and hubby are more than relieved. Everything is finally taken care of, and while it was a frustrating experience and they had us all mixed up we finally know what's going on now.

So now I'm awaiting paperwork on school placement, open house, etc. Which she assured me we would have by the end of next week, and if not I am more than welcome to come to the Title 1 office (which ironically is located in the main office but in a separate wing). I'm eager to get the class list and go shopping for school supplies although I am relieved that we have a bit more time to do so. I am relieved also that preschool is starting late in our town because we move in just 12 days so that gives us a bit more wiggle room on our schedules and stress levels. haha!

Well, I had better get back to my never-ending household chores. I have laundry to do, and I'm pretty sure a tornado must have swept through my living room while I typed this up as there are numerous toys strewn all about everywhere. Time to get that straightened and the toys put back in the boys room. LOL

Hope everyone has a great day!


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