Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bic Soleil Savvy Razor Review & Coupon Giveaway

I got the opportunity as a BzzAgent to try out the Bic Soleil Savvy Disposable Razor. I usually use regular disposable razors that you use once and discard, but to be honest I've been in the market for something a bit more...delicate. My skin is sensitive and I can't stand having a bunch of nicks and cuts on smooth shaved legs. Not to mention some razors I have used make me feel like instead of shaving a few minutes ago I shaved a couple days ago! I just don't get the close enough shave that I desire. So when I got the Bic Soleil Savvy Razor in the mail I couldn't wait to give it a go. The handheld razor fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and it came with 4 disposable razor heads. It has lubricating strips with vitamin E which makes your skin feel extra smooth and moisturizes. You basically just click on the razor head and go. It's so easy, and once the razor head is on you don't need to worry about it popping off unless you push the button. That easy! Plus the refillable's actually last! They don't quickly rust like other razors I have used in the past.
The head also pivots up and down which is a really nice feature for legs especially. I love how it hydrated my skin, and it gave me such a close shave I had the need to shave much less so than often. That is a huge perk because as a mom of two young boys I'm ashamed to admit I sometimes have to just rush through shaving. Schedules, appointments, etc isn't going to wait.
The Bic Soleil Savvy razors are also sold at the many major retailers like Meijer, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. So finding one to buy is more than easy which is just another huge perk. As busy as we are in the world today convenience is priority sometimes.

I have to say I was pretty impressed with the total package. I also got some coupons for the refillable razor heads so if any of you out there want some they are first come first serve. I have 4 that I can mail out. Just comment below with your name and email address and I will be in contact on where to send the coupon. If I don't have any left I will let you know also.

Bic also provided me with some fascinating shaving tips which I never knew before so I'm going to share them with you all (pics are my own inserts just for fun)

  • Shave at night-  Shaving removes dead skin cells and the superficial layer of your skin. While this process is actually healthy for your skin, it also reduces your skin's defenses for a couple of hours. If you do shave in the morning, you are more likely to expose weakened skin to external elements and your shaved skin will feel less comfortable. Shaving at night will give your skin the entire night to recover its strength and suppleness to resist irritation.

  • Shave clean skin-  Try not to shave any part of your body without having your skin perfectly clean. This will help prevent infection or bumps. Apply hot water or shave after showering. Warm humidity increases skin elasticity and softens your hair. Hot water actually diminishes hair toughness, which can increase blade longevity and wet hair is easier to shave.

  • Apply shaving cream or gel-  Once your hair is softened, the razor will glide more easily over your skin, avoiding damage. Shaving cream / gel with Aloe Vera is preferred to normal soap as it will be gentler on your skin and lift your hair. Lather the cream / gel with back and forth motions over the area you are going to shave. Leave the cream / gel on your skin two minutes before shaving.

  • Use a sharp blade-  Keep in mind that the duller the blade, the more irritated your skin will become. Change your blades regularly, especially if you have sensitive skin. On sensitive areas, such as bikini and underarms, shaving with a dull blade can result in red spots.

  • Soothe and hydrate your skin-  After shaving, the skin is both dry and irritated. Apply an alcohol-free after-shave to re-moisturize your skin and avoid the feeling of razor burn.

If your interested in checking out Bic you can::

 Disclaimer: As a BzzAgent I have been provided with a complimentary product mentioned above for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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