Saturday, October 20, 2012

Conner Prairie and other things...

As I'm writing this the kids are settled with the Fresh Beat Band just riveted. So that gives me about 10 minutes to share with you what we've been up too. I've been a bad blogger I know. Can I bribe you to forgive me with some Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts? There we go. haha.

Last weekend on Saturday we took the kids to Conner Prairie. It was suppose to be in the mid 70s with plenty of sunshine but ended up being cloudy and windy. It wasn't really cold though so we still were able to have a great time. Here's some of the pics:

on the way to Conner Prairie we couldn't help but enjoy the open road and pretty fall colors.

Arriving in the parking lot we see this huge hot air balloon in back.
the hot air balloon as we are heading to the gates
one of the Lenape Indian huts
Inside the Lenape Indian hut. Bed on the right hand side, fire pit in the middle, bench on the side. There was another bed and more seats on the other side.
The larger, better built Lenape Indian hut. Made from tree bark and on the inside the walls were mud. Again there were some beds inside, pallets on the floor, fire pit, and seating

One of the houses that has sat there for years. I believe this was the Conner house actually. It was so big inside!
This would have been the lady's room. You can see the cradle beside her bed.  The room was actually large in size, but due to the crowd I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing. There was a huge armoir, built in shelves inside a huge cabinet that held blankets, baby items, etc. There was also a smaller room connected to this one that had a writing desk, chairs, etc., which would have acted as her personal sitting room, and of course there was a fireplace in each of the rooms.


Oh goodness, for some reason blogger is not letting me post any more pictures on this post. How frustrating! I guess I will have to try again later on. What is it with blogger messing up? Does anyone else experience these freak issues or is it just picking on me in particular?

In other news they finally came and fixed our thermostat today. Or so they say. I'm skeptical but then again I don't know a lot about gas heat. That's hubby's job and know how. So when he gets home he is going to check it himself to see if it truly is fixed. As you know our thermostat was broke and we could either have heat on and eventually burn up or have heat off and freeze on the cold days.
Well now it's supposedly fixed and it will get hotter as I turn it up, but when I turn it off the heaters are still warm and I can still feel heat coming off of them. Maintenance says it's due to us being on the top floor and the units below us have water running through their pipes, heat rises, and all that. Still I would think the heaters would cool off right? But I could be wrong. Only hubby will be able to tell for sure. I'm glad he knows about things like that. Phew...

We took Levi for his first haircut the other day to a place called Cookie Cutters. He was less than thrilled. As a matter of fact him, me, and the hair stylist were all in a sweat from being nervous. haha. But on the plus note he looks and I'm sure feels so much better. I didn't want to cut his hair because he had those baby curls going on and it looked so sweet, but it started getting in his eyes causing him to scream and cry and swipe his face every few minutes so it was time. We took Lucas there for his first haircut and even though it was hectic it was so much easier! They are completely kid friendly, they are used to screaming crying kids, they generally have a playground inside with toys, books, etc. They also let you play video games or watch a movie while they are cutting your hair and the kids enjoy it. Lucas sat in a police car and got his hair cut and I had to hold Levi in my lap while he got his cut. He wasn't going to fall for sitting in any of their cars or figurines no matter how fun they looked!
They also take a picture and put it on a little poster and they give you the locks of hair in little baggies you can keep or tape onto the poster.

We have had a pretty lazy day today. We've sat around watching cartoons, drinking hot chocolate, playing blocks, and reading books. At some point I'm going to have to drag my lazy self into the kitchen and do the dishes. Luckily that's all there is to do besides pick up toys here and there. I'm thankful for that.
Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so we'll be going to her house and spending most of the day with her. I'm excited about it. You'd think other people's birthdays were my own as excited as I get about them. 

Lucas turns 5 in just a few weeks. Halloween is a little over a week away, and Christmas is right around the corner. Seriously where is the time going? Does it go at lightning speed while we aren't looking or something? I wish it would slow down already!
We've yet to make Lucas's birthday plans, he is always fine at others parties, but tends to get a bit overwhelmed at his own so we may just have a small family thing.
I was going to make the boys costumes this year (they are going as Batman and Robin), but it was going to end up costing more to make them than to just buy them outright so this week we are making a trip to Party City to get them since they have a good selection there.

Also in the works are some great reviews and giveaways coming to Mommy's Musings! I hope your all excited as I am, and make sure to stay tuned so you don't miss it!
I would love to stay and chat, but the fresh beat band has been over for a little while now and as I turn to check on the kids I notice they are close to fighting over blocks and who can build the highest tower. Better settle this before it gets out of hand! Talk to you guys later! Make sure to come back and visit for Happy Homemaker Monday! There will be a Mister Linky posted so you can add your links.


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