Friday, October 5, 2012

Time for the weekend...

I'm going to try to take Garfield's advice and relax this weekend. Well, as much as I can with two kiddos anyway. haha.

Yesterday was me and hubby's 6th wedding anniversary. We have been together a total of 7 years all in all and have known each other much longer than that. I actually met hubby when I was 17 years old and had a huge crush on him, but he never talked much so I didn't talk much. I would see him around here and there and he would always nod at me or give me a simple: "Hi" so I always just kind of "girl crushed" on him from afar. LOL

Then when I turned 18 he came to a party that I was at. Turns out some of his friends were friends with some of my friends. It's really funny because he sat in a chair across the room and kept looking at me. He didn't say too much and I didn't say too much because it's just not my way. I can be shy too and I figured he probably didn't like me the same way so I was just nice but not really talkative. Then one of his friends came over and started talking to me (I wasn't interested in his friend but tried to be polite) so after awhile I excused myself and went to sit with some of my friends to talk and play video games. Josh comes right over then and sits right beside me and finally starts talking to me. LOL. To tell you the truth I was so nervous I don't even remember what all we talked about. It was one of those nervous first conversations where we just talked about a little bit of everything. When the party was over he actually gave me a hug goodbye and said he had a great time talking to me.
Then a couple of days later he asked one of my friends for my phone number which I gave the okay to give. He called me and asked if I wanted to go for a drive so I said okay.
Want to know what happened next?
Gum chewing...
You heard me right, after he picked me up he didn't talk hardly AT ALL. Just a few answers to some of my questions but other than that he chewed Wrigley's Spearmint gum. 2 packs to be exact! LOL. The big packs too not the smaller ones. Then after our drive he asked if I wanted to go bowling with him that weekend so of course I said yes and it just proceeded from there. He courted me so gentlemanly. He got more comfortable the night we went bowling, I got more comfortable and there was nothing in the world we couldn't talk about. I found out that he actually seen me at the library before we were even introduced and watched me pick out books from a table in the center, and said he fell head over heels for me but was too afraid to say anything. I didn't ever see him at the library but then when I get to the library I zone right in on books, movies, etc. LOL He didn't think I would be interested in him which I find hilarious considering I harbored a crush on him for a year. It's kind of funny to look back on things and see how we were being thrust together until we finally started talking. We spent every moment we could together and a year later in May 2006 he got down on one knee in my driveway and asked me to marry him. (I even found out later that he asked my parents permission first) I was so nervous that even though I knew what he was doing I said:
"What are you doing in the gravel?" LOL
Of course I said yes and then on October 4th, 2006 we got married and moved into our apartment. It was nothing big and spectacular, we went up to the courthouse because neither of us had much money but it was so special. In February 2007 I got pregnant with Lucas and Josh was so over the moon that he jumped right up and gave me the biggest hug and kiss right in front of the doctor even! And then in June 2010 I got pregnant with Levi and he was just as thrilled having much the same reaction. haha
We have traveled the marriage journey together, and learned to be parents together. The road has never been dull but always interesting.
And here we are today. I am still so happy with him and while we have certainly had our differences and arguments over the years (and I'm sure more to come) I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Yesterday, even though we had to do our normal day to day activities (school, chores, errands, etc) it was still really special for us. We got done with setting up things how we want them around the house, we had much re-organizing to do in our apartment. You know how it is when you move and you set stuff up in a certain place only to move it around again a couple months later once you get settled a realize that this bookshelf would work better over there, the couch would be great on this wall, etc. But I have to say after re-organizing each room it feels so much better in here and there's more space. I'm really happy with the way it all turned out.
Last night hubby made some of his famous steaks while I made scalloped potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. I was tempted to make a dessert for us as well, but figured we would be too full to enjoy any desserts. I bought some dreamsicles at the store just in case, but I wasn't wrong in my prediction. We were all so stuffed even the boys couldn't eat any dessert!
After the boys went to bed me and hubby sat down and watched TV together catching up on one of our favorite shows "Call of the Wildman" and just had a wonderful evening. We reminisced over the years together, and just enjoyed being with each other. We didn't want it to end, and even though hubby had to get up and go to work this morning we stayed up until well after midnight.
I couldn't have asked for a better day!

So this weekend since most everything is already in place I will probably just try to relax. Hubby has to work all weekend and overtime next week to cover for yet another vacation. We miss him so much when he's gone because as I've said before he leaves well before the kids get up and by the time he gets home it's almost time for the kids to go to bed. But I am thankful that we still get to see him everyday even if only for a couple hours. And he still gets his days off when he isn't covering for vacations so that also makes up for it.
We have a bunch of movies from the library we can watch over the weekend while daddy works, and the kids and I are going to make some Halloween decorations. It's rainy and gloomy outside which I don't mind too much as the kids are finally starting to get better after they have been sick off and on for the last few weeks. It makes it less bitter for them to stay inside and get better knowing that no other kids will be playing outside either.
Of course I will have my normal day to day chores, but that's no big deal to me. I actually use to despise household chores. Dishes, cleaning, laundry, etc. But since hubby works and provides for us financially I see that I am providing in my own way a clean and comfortable house for our family. So while I don't particularly like those chores still to this day I don't despise them. They have to be done, they are a part of life, and it contributes to our family so I don't mind. I love being a stay at home mom and wife and always knowing that our children are well taken care of. Besides even though I plan on taking a relaxing weekend you will probably eventually find me somewhere in the house doing something out of my normal cleaning chores. It's hard for me to sit still too long, I tend to get a bit antsy, but we'll see how it all goes.

Now I'm going to go watch Yo Gabba Gabba with my boys while we build a block castle. Later I'm hoping to get some more reading done. I'm right in the middle of To Love and Cherish. I will admit I've been having a lot of difficulty staying intrigued with this book. It does have it's interesting moments but there are a lot of parts that I feel sort of lag. But we'll see, it's too early to make a final judgment, but I will be posting a review as soon as I'm done with it so you can read more of my thoughts on it there.

I will be posting again for Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday tomorrow so if you want to join in just come back and visit and I'll have a link up so you can play along too. I join in with a couple other mom bloggers I've met through Voiceboks and it's a lot of fun. :) Hope to see you soon.


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