Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glade Expressions Collection ~ Review

We have a very active household. We're usually on the go, the boys love to play outside, and my husband works in a factory getting often covered in hydrolic oil, grime, etc.
Things can sometimes get a bit smelly no matter how often I clean the home. But one of the rooms that gets the worst is the bathroom. We have only one bathroom for all 4 of us. Yikes! You don't even want to imagine.
I've done the whole potpourri on the back of the toilet, gel air fresheners on the back (which always seem to evaporate or lose their scent not even a week later, candles, etc. But none of it is cutting it. We have only 2 plug-ins in our restroom so doing the whole plug-in air fresheners is not really an option either. I need those for hair dryer, straightener purposes, etc. So imagine how excited I was to hear through being a BzzAgent that there was an oil diffuser that not only doesn't plug in the wall, but takes NO BATTERIES! I kid you not on this one! I jumped at the chance to participate in this campaign.
And it lasts 30 days! I don't have to buy a refill for 30 days! A whole month! I'm still amazed at that truly. To be totally honest I love this product so much that I went out and bought another one for my living room. Since then I'm always getting compliments on how wonderful my home smells. Plus when I've been gone all day and I get home I am greeted with a wonderful inviting scent, no candles needed!
Plus it's spill proof so if you have pets, children, etc., running around and this gets knocked over don't fret. You can breathe a sigh of relief, pick it up, and set it back in it's place with no worries. I mean seriously can it get any better???
Plus the design is just amazing and something that fits so well with any decor, and so fun looking.
This is the pleasing scent I tried:
Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice Oil Diffuser

If that isn't exciting enough they have a whole new line of air freshener fragrances out that are refillable! And they smell heavenly! I have to stop myself from spraying too much around the house because it smells that good! It just comforts me, makes me feel relaxed, and it lasts all day long! Plus it's such a fine mist that it doesn't make that annoying loud sound most air fresheners make when you spray them. It's a really quiet sound and gentle mist. No more spraying air freshener every few hours to have that lasting favorite scent! I can attest to the fact that I can spray this around my whole house once a day and it truly lasts. I can even still smell hints of it by the next day! And this is my new favorite scent when it comes to air freshener sprays:
Cotton & Italian Mandarin
It is a wonderful blend of cotton, honeydew, and sandalwood with hints of sparkling citrus. I have never smelled anything so wonderful! What I like about this besides the glorious smell is the bottle shape and design. It's really modern and fits in with almost any home decor! Plus since the design is plastic there are no more rust rings wherever you sit the bottle in case it gets wet. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about if you've sat an air freshener bottle anywhere near a sink or such. If you don't like the label you can always peel it off for a sleeker private design to just show the white bottle, and the best thing is that since it is refillable you can choose any of the wonderful Glade Expression refillable to place back in your bottle.
the cotton & italian mandarin refill bottle
I LOVE this product! I highly recommend it, and to be honest I am so glad to be done with those annoying plug ins and cheap looking bottles of air fresheners. These are also affordable, but because of their sleek design they look classy! And oh the glorious smells! I can't wait to eventually try all the scents, but one step at a time. haha.
I got to try the Glade Oil Diffuser and the Glad Refillable Air Freshener for free as a BzzAgent, but I did go back and purchase my second Glade Oil Diffuser at full price which at walmart was only $5.98. Best money I've ever spent and long lasting.
If you decide to try the Glade Expressions collection just shoot me an email and tell me what you thought about them. You can find them at any mass retailer. I have seen them at Meijer, Target, Walmart, Kroger, CVS, etc. I would love to hear your thoughts on the product, and I can't wait to hear how much you love the Glade Expressions collection just like I do.

Disclaimer: As a BzzAgent I received the above products mentioned for free for review purposes. All opinions expressed above are solely my own.

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