Saturday, October 6, 2012

Songs That Make Us Sing Saturdays are back!

Songs That Make Us Sing

I'm so glad to be back to Songs That Make Us Sing Saturdays! Feel free to play along if you wish. It is really fun to join in the singing fun. I have found some great new songs and re-discovered some of my long lost favorites.
Or if you want to just listen and enjoy that's fine too. Feel free to dance around and just act crazy, I won't mind, I will even join you much to our childrens humiliation! LOL
Here's my song of the day, it used to be a favorite of mine but I had forgotten about it!

Spin Doctors
Two Princes

I tried, unsuccessfully, to post the meme so you can add your name, but I'm not silver member for Mister Linky so if you'd like to add your name just visit one of the following sites:


Make sure to subscribe to them if you aren't already, their blogs are really great and I think you'll enjoy them. They have the meme's on their pages so you can just add your name and link up. :)

Hope to see you back soon!

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  1. I this song!! Great choice and it's so nice to have you back at the party!



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