Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just because it's gloomy and cold...

doesn't mean you can't still have fun!

It is really cold here in Indiana, and sort of gloomy outside. I'm rather surprised at how cold it actually is so early in October! Makes me think there's a bad winter in store.
Usually the kids can get down in the dumps when it's cold outside. They start getting tired of their toys, don't really want to watch cartoons, and the usual crafty stuff we do holds no interest. So in lieu of Halloween right around the corner I decided to engage the kiddos in some mask making!

Here's how we made out by the end:

Not too shabby. It definitely kept us all occupied while having fun.
Now I was absolutely certain that we had popsicle sticks in our craft tote, but after the masks were all made and done there were NO popsicle sticks!
Originally we had a skull mask as well, but I tried to tie it with some yarn so the boys could slide it on and of course yarn, paper, and young ones don't generally mix too well. It ripped of course despite me taping it so it went in the trash can.
So I improvised, there was no way after we made the masks and the kids were all excited that I was just going to halt the project so I took an old notebook out of the craft tote and cut some strips off the back cardboard cover. Works just as well, you just have to make sure to tape it from the top to bottom of the mask or else it will try to flop over on you, but it works!
Either tomorrow or Tuesday we are going to be painting and I'll make sure to come back and post the pictures of that once we are done. We're going to make some fall inspired paintings of all sorts.

We are trying to plan a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, but something that sounds so easy has been far from it. The pumpkin patch we usually go to is going to be closed this year. We had that horrible drought in Indiana and it put a damper on things to say the least. We did find another local pumpkin patch that definitely seems promising but because it's been so cold and gloomy we haven't made any plans just yet. I think if this weekend is at all warm and sunny we are just going to take that opportunity to jump up and go. If so you can count on some pictures from that as well. :)

Despite my happy demeanor the whole day hasn't been easy. I was actually woken up at 5am to the sound of dripping in my bedroom. I looked on the ceiling and was met with this sight:

It's a really slow drip though and even though I put some pots and buckets down the catch any drips not much has collected, its still very concerning. Then I decided to take a look around to make sure it wasn't leaking anywhere else and found out it is also leaking through my closet ceiling as well. So I had to move EVERYTHING out of the closet and now I have a pile of stuff collected in the corner. I called maintenance on call, but was informed they were 2 hours away and wouldn't be able to get here for 2 hours. That was at 12:41pm, it's now 4:21pm and nobody has came or contacted me back on this issue. I'm not too happy so I will be up first thing in the morning paying a visit to the front office.
I have to leave here soon to run some errands, go to the store, etc. I can't wait around all day for someone to show up only to have them not show up at all. But that's how things go sometimes.
I'm calm about it, and I'm just lucky that it happened on a Sunday so at least if nobody shows up today they will absolutely have to show up tomorrow because once the office finds out they are going to want it handled immediately.

I have a visit to the school office planned tomorrow as well. Hubby is off work and plans on going up there with me. Lucas has been being bullied and we are far from happy. We weren't even informed of what was going on until he told us at dinner. I spoke with one of the teachers but she didn't seem to be concerned and actually said that the child doing the bullying is not able to control his body and sometimes does things he doesn't mean to do. But how I asked is punched another child in the back and stomach an out of control body movement? Or pulling hair? Or poking someone's eyes and trying to take their shoes? Especially in PRESCHOOL!? It's unacceptable so if the school is unwilling to do something about it I plan on pulling him out and homeschooling him. I will send him for speech classes as usual since it's only once a week and that child won't be in his speech class, but other than that I'm not about to send my child to a class he dreads going to because of bullying. This is too young an age to have to deal with such things. Have you ever had to deal with bullying with your child? How did you handle things? How did it make you feel?
I could use all the advice I can get. I am appalled such a thing happened at a place I trust to keep my child safe while he is in their care. I feel so angry and helpless that this has happened to him and hurt him. Obviously you can't talk to the child, and when the teachers don't seem to think its a serious matter there's only one other place to go: The Superintendent's office. If they aren't willing to correct the issue immediately he will go back to homeschooling. I won't have him in that type of environment.

Well, it's 4:30. I promised my mom (and the kids) a trip to the pet store and she will be going to the grocery with me to help with the boys. I am so glad to have her help, having two youngsters in the grocery is insanity at times. One doesn't want to sit in the cart, the other is running around the aisle grabbing whatever he can and thrusting it into the cart, etc. So if you're at the store and you see a crazed looking woman with hair flying every which way chasing a 4 year old around the corner while he clutches a box of fruit snacks and a one year old trying to be houdini in the cart she's pushing, don't mind me.

See ya tomorrow for Happy Homemaker Monday! :)

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  1. Love the mask idea! I'm adding it to my rainy day bag of tricks!

    Good luck with your meeting at school today. Your story is one of the reasons I am so afraid of the day my kids start school :-/ Hope you get the answer you want!

    Following back from MaMe Musings/Songs that Make Us Sing Saturday!


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